DUKW Research Project

The following research on the DUKW kit by Italeri has been compiled by me from various books and magazines see list at end of article. Any omissions or faults in the interpretation are mine and mine alone.

I will start with the basic items missing from the kit and then the second part will deal with known faults few as they are, lastly the various differences between the 3 models. The first 2006 and then the unknown number of interim models before the final model as made by Italeri.

Items missing from the kit as presented by Italeri, a circular lifebelt 20mm is found to be the right proportion. The front surf board for the windscreen, and the rear cargo bay surf board and side extensions. The metal map case and first aid tin on the dash board. Two fire extinguishers one fitted on the bulkhead behind the driver’s seat and one behind the passenger seat.

Two rifle clip holders again out board of the fire extinguishers in the very corners.

A bulkhead behind the passenger seat and the height is up to the third of re enforcing bar on the said seat and fitted to the outer inner edge of the side bulkhead.

A movable flap each side on the engine intakes under the combing either side of the vehicle to control the air intake to cool the engine.

The covers for the openings in the side bulkheads above the engine floor intakes.

The two machineguns supports stays and hoops fitted to the rear of the driving area bulkhead and they are triangular in shape with two spacer bars and two hoops fitted.

The various nationalities crew Lifebelts, the American Coast Guard type and the two British styles, further research needed on these items.

The Machinegun hip ring and upper support stays and also the five Cargo bay hoops.

The wheel guards front and back and the auto tyre inflations rods.

The few faults that need to be corrected, There are two sink marks on each side of the driver and passenger internal bulkheads, and one on the rear hull hatch.

The anchor is the wrong shape and needs to be scratch built, the hook on the winch is far too small and needs scratch building. The hand pump it is too thin, it needs to be replaced with a scratch built one.



Some photos Ian supplied of a DUKW in civilian use. Click  photo for larger view.

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