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Some time ago I was contacted by Sean Lynch, who had been travelling with his wife, and had some reference photographs he'd taken of several vehicles whilst on his travels. Through a series of conversations, the idea for the feature you're now reading, called Sean's Travels' was born. In this feature you'll find Sean's descriptions of where he went, and links to the various gallery's where Sean's photographs can be browsed, there being far too many to include in this feature. Not all the photographs are of armour of course. Many are simply pohotographs of where Sean and his wife had travelled, but still included since they give a sense of history to where the vehicles are situated. Unfortunately, due to the gallery system, it proved impossible to keep Sean's original captions, but I'm sure if anybody asks, he'll be more than happy to give any information he has about each photograph! Vinnie Branigan

The Ardennes
Here are photographs from the Ardennes region including the King Tiger, the foxhole from the 101st AB overlooking Foy, photographs from a museum in Bastogne, various monuments, a Grotto where I believe team Cherry held up the German advance to Bastogne for a while buying time for reinforcements to arrive and various vehicle pics.

Banska Bystrica in Slovakia
his is a museum I happened upon accidentally during a rest stop during a tour of Eastern Europe. A lot of neat stuff, some of which I got photographs of, but I was limited in what I could take as we had a lot of stops remaining and only so much memory. Some captured German equipment that looks like it was used by Czechoslovakia after the war as well as Soviet equipment used by Czechoslovakia. Not pictured is a lot of artillery. Hopefully someone who has access to this place can provide more pictures. I have also included photographs of the town and country side and monuments. All useful reference in making dioramas!

Auschwitz and Birkenau
Not much detail needed here, just a reminder of the horror of the war.

Some shots of the Brandenburg gate, the Reichstag and some T34ís at a monument built by the Soviets for themselves that ended up on the West side of the wall. Of interest are the various wheels seen on the T34ís and that they are the 76 mm guns. Also a few photographs of the remaining part of the Wall.

Slovakia to Krakow
Scenery photographs of Slovakia and Southern Poland.

Old Town of Warsaw
Photographs of rebuilt old town center of Warsaw and of a memorial to the Warsaw uprising of August 1944. These may be useful for early war or Aug. '44 dioramas.

Poznan Poland
Photographs of the old town center.

American Legion Post
Photographs of a M60A3 and an artillery piece in my hometown.

Ft. Knox
Various vehicles around Ft.Knox.

Grandpa's War Photographs
Photographs of my grandfather from the war, including the M5A1 he commanded and some pics of him next to a Jagdtiger, or Royal tiger as he called it.

Hubbard, OH
Photographs of various US vehicles from a Museum where AMPS 2006 was held.

Photographs of M46 near where Iwork.

Photographs of M3A3 in a local park.

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About Sean Lynch (slynch1701)

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Nice! Quite a few places featured on my "to visit before I die" list, thanks for sharing your travels Sean.
FEB 03, 2007 - 09:27 PM
Fantastic idea, Guys! Thanks to Sean for sharing his experiences! I went to Berlin this summer and I've taken 500 photos, T34s included!!
FEB 03, 2007 - 11:46 PM
It actually turned out to have quite a few images on armour. Thanks for sharing Sean!
FEB 04, 2007 - 04:31 AM
It's my pleasure to get these out to there in this manner. I hope people can find these useful. As Vinnie stated, I will be glad to help try to identify any photos if you need more info. I am glad he liked this idea and has been able to get this feature up and running before his departure. I really don't know where he finds the time. Enjoy, Sean
FEB 04, 2007 - 06:03 AM