Yeovilton Modelshow 2007

a show with a difference
We are all familiar with the average modelshow, a selection of exibitors showing of their models, supplemented with vendors trying to entice us to part with our money for that 'must have' kit or after-market conversion. Most of these shows are held in a variety of uninspiering venues, such as community or conference centres. Apart from the modelshow, these locations often have very little to offer in the way of other entertainment. The Yeovilton show is different, as it's held in the Fleet Air Arm museum at RNAS Yeovilton. This is a perfect venue, as it combines the excellent museum with a very good and well attended show. This makes it not just a good modelshow, but also a great day out with and a good opportunity to take the family.
The museum is dedicated to the Fleet Air Arm, which is the Navy Airforce. The aeroplane exhibits are however not restricted to the Navy, and include the famous Harrier and Swordfish, WW I Biplanes and Concorde no.2. There are a number of 1/1 scale 'diorama' displays, and one hall recreates a carrier deck, with the wall and stairs resembling the 'Island'.
The Modelshow is spread out throughout the museum, and although it makes for a varied walk around, it does mean that some stands are almost dwarved by the exhibits that they are tucked under, or behind. You might expect the models on display to heavily lean toward aeroplanes, but armour, ships and civilian subjects are well represented.

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