Marder I H39

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About the Author

About Stephen Gravina (Edlud)

Iím another born again modeler. After twenty years away, I came back at the right time. The hobby has exploded with new kits and aftermarket products. I love to try new products and experimenting. I currently enjoy superdetailing and weathering techniques. My Father was a US WWII vet from the North...


Very nice work Stephen, the chain-link fencing is excellent.
MAR 22, 2007 - 12:41 AM
Good job on that one, Stephen. Thanks for sharing
MAR 22, 2007 - 04:43 PM
Stephen, very well done.
MAR 22, 2007 - 05:43 PM
Thanks for the kind words. It's my first submission and I wanted some feed back.
MAR 22, 2007 - 08:57 PM
The ranning part of the machine is made simply exellently...And in general the machine looks very vell!Good luck!
MAR 22, 2007 - 11:57 PM
I especially like the surface color of the road wheels with the 'real steel' look! I did notice the tracks are going in opposite directions. Was this intentional? I agree the addition of the screen is the best touch for this vehicle. Jeff
MAR 23, 2007 - 12:17 AM
AHH, The track IS on the wrong way! Thanks, nice catch. I really would like to improve and appreciate critiques. The chain linked fence was a bit of window screen from a hardware store. I got the idea on the forums here. I placed the screen on masking tape and used super thin CA then removed, pat dry and cut to size. I tried many different solutions and this worked well. I also think the tubes in the front side were for a pole, fence and some camouflage. Can anyone confirm this?
MAR 23, 2007 - 01:16 AM
Nicely done Bill. Excellent job on the weathering. I do notice that the weld(s) look a little thick. Is this correct for this scale?? Again, nice job...
MAR 26, 2007 - 04:45 AM