Matilda Mk. II

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About Sven-Åke Grufstedt (mgdsign)

This is my second time in modelling. Recently started again after 20 odd years of absence so I basically have to relearn everything again plus a lot of new stuff that has come up since last time... I build mainly 1/72 scale armor from both the WWII and modern era... When I build, the number on...


Really really nice work here Sven i am so impressed with the painting and weathering on this 1/72 matty. Ron.
APR 07, 2007 - 11:06 AM
Thanks Ron !!!! Regards Sven-Åke
APR 07, 2007 - 03:35 PM
Sven-- vary nice work. What was the paint type and color used ? thanks DJ
APR 07, 2007 - 04:19 PM
Thanks DJ !!! I've used Vallejo Model Air and the color is Russian Green with a hint of Mud Brown which I also gave the tank a light misting with... Regards Sven-Åke
APR 07, 2007 - 07:23 PM
Great job. Very impressive - especially considering the scale. Did British tanks paint the inside of the hatches white? Were they not the same colour as the exterior? Thanks for sharing
APR 09, 2007 - 03:24 PM
Thanks Jesper!!! You are absolutely correct about the hatches!!! They were the same color as the exterior but due to the lack of reference material and since this tank is in russian service I was very unsure so I chose the white color for the hatches which I later learned was wrong... But I think it brings a nice contrast to the tank Regards and thanks for the comment!!! Sven-Åke
APR 09, 2007 - 09:48 PM