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Very interested photo but Panther II from FK museum have Front hatch Ausf. G no A. If Spielberger write bud Info i don`t know. I know that on this book co-operation: Oberst a.D.Dipl.-Ing W-Esser ( Heeresversuchsstelle fur Panzer Kummensdorf) / Army testing station fur tank Kummensdorf / Oberst a.D.Dipl.-IngTh.IckenOKH/AHA/In 6 (inspektionen der Panzertruppe) / inspections of the armor branch / Oberstleutnant a.D.Dipl.- Ing.K.Stollberg OKH/WaPruf 6 - Gruppenleiter fur die Entwicklung der Panzer - Fahrgestelle / Group leader fur the development of the tanks - chassis / You think that this 100% specialist write no correct info? I have this book from 90`s and all info is the same. The same is info on next book or publications and web sites. Here is citation from Achtung Panzer: er II's Schmalturm (narrow) turret was slightly different than that of Panther Ausf F. Turret's armor protection was significantly increased if compared to any other Panther turret. Front was 120-125mm, gun mantlet was 150mm, while sides and rear were 60mm and top was 30mm thick. Schmalturm had special mountings for infrared device and telescopic range finder. All of those modifications increased Panther II's weight to 47 tons. Panther II was to be powered by new Maybach HL234 engine with total power of 900hp operated by 8-speed hydraulic transmission. Instead Maybach HL 230 P 30 engine was mounted and Maybach HL234was later on due to be completed in August of 1945, for future Panther series. It was believed that Panther II's performance would be similar to that of Panther Ausf G, while if ever produced Panther II would mostlikely suffer from the same problems as Tiger II. Simply because of its great weight and high fuel consumption which made it extremely slow. It is also unknown what other modifications would be made if Panther II would be combat tested. Panther II with Ausf G turret. In March of 1943, plans were laid that the production of first series would start in late 1943 or early 1944 and that by spring of 1944, full scale production of Panther II would start. On May 20th of 1943, Rheinmetall-Borsig proposed special air-defence turret designed for Panther II, mounted with four 20mm MG151/20 guns but it never reached prototype stage. In the early 1944, MAN (Maschinenfabrik Augsburg-Nuremberg) was allowed to produce two prototypes but was only able to produce one in early 1945, without newly designed Schmalturm turret. On May 4th of 1944, it was realized that German industry was unable to start Panther II's production and this project was abandomed in favour of further development of Panther Ausf G/F based on lessons learned from Panther II. On June 3rd of 1944, all companies which were to produce Panther II, were ordered to start the production Panther. Since turret's design was never completed, for test purposes prototype Panther II was fitted with newly built Ausf G turret (built in March/April of 1945) armed with 75mm KwK 42 L/70 gun and with special mountings for infrared device and telescopic range finder. It is possible that it was used in combat but there is no records of it, while some sources state that Ausf G turret was fitted by the Americans after the chassis was captured. This is so bad? This man decision about german Panzer no you, their knowlege you wrtite on forum. I have bad character, that I defend against your attack, this is no first attack.
MAY 12, 2007 - 11:20 AM
Milo, I have always enjoyed your builds. I admire your skill and attention to detail and you have in some cases helped me to refine my own skills. My father who fought in France and was involved in the Battle of the Bulge, saw your model and remembers seeing knocked out versions of your Panther. He said there was a lot of improvised camouflage also. Of course he probably doesn't know much about the many nuances of the German tanks other than he was glad to see them knocked out. During battle there was apparently no time to really look them over. So, from someone who was there, he says, "Good Job"!!! Thank you, Gary [/quote] Hi Gary, This is very good, my father before WWII are fighter Czech army and during war as resistance help with escape pilots to Great Britain . Miloslav
MAY 12, 2007 - 12:09 PM
I for one applaud the diversity of opinions here. It's what makes the world go round and what makes this site so interesting. Herbert, I am happy to see that someone can take the hobby to such a degree of accuracy and with passion and at the same time I enjoy seeing a level of model building skill like the one Milo clearly demonstrates. Trust me guys, it's all good!!! Gary
MAY 12, 2007 - 07:23 PM
Milo, that's incredibly interesting about your father and so I salute both our fathers!!! Thanks again for posting your build. As someone who tries to do the best job I can for my own enjoyment, I find your work as well as other's knowlege here, extremely helpful. I can only hope to rise to your level! Bravo!!! Gary
MAY 12, 2007 - 11:19 PM
Milo, that's incredibly interesting about your father and so I salute both our fathers!!! Thanks again for posting your build. As someone who tries to do the best job I can for my own enjoyment, I find your work as well as other's knowlege here, extremely helpful. I can only hope to rise to your level! Bravo!!! Gary [/quote] Thanks Gary, I think that this forum is very good for info and help. I here receive more very good advice. I think that after 42 year model build I don`t know all. Miloslav
MAY 12, 2007 - 11:38 PM
I have the Dragon Panther II kit, but never built it as I was put off by the amount of modification that would need to be done to get it in the ballpark as far as accuracy. So, it sits on a closet shelf... I would love to see Cyber-Hobby come out with a Panther II with the G turret -- I have to believe that this will happen at some point. Speaking of Herbert's Panther F with the octopus camo: When we will see it??? I'm practically on the edge of my seat here. There's an eBay seller that's been selling off built Panther Fs, but I really want to see a Panther F in this octopus camo. Don't keep us waiting!
MAY 12, 2007 - 11:46 PM
Wow-wheee, what a cooker. On one side, we have a well-made model that's executed to a standard I will never achieve. On the other, we have the fact that it is, upon the perusal of references, so different from its supposed prototype that even a person like me (who lacks all knowledge of mechanical engineering, most of the history of WW2 tank design and all of the exactitude that's prerequisite in this hobby), can obviously identify the differences with only a cursory glance. I think it a weakness in the current Zeitgeist that all too often we are afraid of voicing true and reifiable opinions for fear of upsetting someone's feelings. It's all too easy to just go "omg, it's pretty!" when it's a person receiving the critique, just as it is easy to use harsh language and expletives when you're criticizing Dragon getting rivet detail wrong or Tamiya releasing "the wrong kit". Shouldn't we have learned something from the fable of the Emperor's new clothes?
MAY 13, 2007 - 12:53 AM
I'm currently working on the first Smart Panther, as that is being built with a lot of bells, and will be part of a further upcoming review of the Eduard PE-set. Also, the steel wheel Panther has been offered to me for a build review. Seeing as how all 3 are following close on each other, and me not having ample time to build and paint, I have chosen to complete the builds, than paint all 3 at the same time, might even consider finishing the Final Tiger-B before that, but that would stretch it. Anyway, it is coming, and I hope it won't be too long. Currently, I've begun pondering the ultimate Panther Ausf. F. One that if I pull it off, will amaze people. Biggest problem I'm facing is that I have no info on the outside face of the double link track for that one, I only have info of the inside. And hoping to find a reasonably priced CH Panther-F, off course.
MAY 13, 2007 - 02:47 AM
Man, that camo's awesome!
MAY 13, 2007 - 04:55 AM
Miloslav, I have a question about the camo pattern. I have never seen this pattern from above, so is the solid top deck accurate? I was going to do a "What If" Bergepanther Ausf F or a Jadgpanther based on with your stripes. By the way your model looks great.
MAY 13, 2007 - 05:26 AM