Paint Me Yellow: Desert Fever Campaign

Campaign Summary
An effective way of hiding from the enemy is by blending in with the surroundings. The desert is our battleground chaps. Let's paint 'em desert! The "Paint Me Yellow" Desert Fever Campaign required the participants to build any vehicle that has or had been painted in a desert scheme, defined as the predominant color being a desert color/ dark yellow or anything close. Camouflage or monotone schemes were allowed. Completed entries could be either stand-alone builds or dioramas. To receive their campaign ribbon, participants were required to post 3 pictures of their completed build in the Campaign Gallery. The Campaign ran from Feb. 1st through June 30th, 2007. 85 participants signed up and 37 completed the Campaign and have their work featured below and on the following page. More photos are also available in the Campaign Gallery.
  • P7120004
  • DeskJockey's_OIF_M1A2_1
  • 01warlord
  • November songs entry
  • M1A1 AIM Abrams
  • Over head view of Spade 7
  • cruasderII
  • DSCF5163
  • LAV-25a
  • 2-RedwingNev
  • LAV-25 Piranha: Operation Iraqi Freedom
  • Panzer_II-4
  • Panzerjager I
  • Panzerkampfwagen

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About Bill Plunk (wbill76)

Like many, I started out in the hobby as a kid building airplanes to hang from my bedroom cieling. I took a long break from the hobby, returning in 2001 with an interest in armor inspired mostly by online gaming. WW2 armor, 1/35 scale, is my preferred genre with a special taste for the stranger vehi...