Panzerwerfer 42

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About Emre Efli (emroglan)

Have been "seriously" modeling since 2002. I build armor and more recently aircraft, as well as some sci-fi when I feel like it.


Great job, Emre. I love the camo. Did you do it free hand as pr. your normal painting style? Thanks for sharing
NOV 13, 2007 - 10:04 PM
Hi Emre Very nice. I have this as one of my must builds. Did you use any after-market stuff with this, maybe the tracks? I'm looking at using the Masterbox set as the others, are too expensive for me at the moment. You can get some photo etch and resin extra detail, interior sets for this kit, but again they work out quite pricey, and I think you have to strike a balance somewhere along the line when it comes to how much money to spend on a kit. You've shown no matter what you have it can still turn out good. Well done Alan
NOV 13, 2007 - 10:25 PM
I like the camouflage Emre, very well applied, and subtly weathered. The Masterbox set is superb, I used it on my Panzerwerfer 42 . the kit tracks are next to useless. They are not to bad detail wise, but it is almost impossible to obtain any sag at all. Cheers Henk
NOV 13, 2007 - 11:37 PM
Hi Henk Thanks for the info on the Masterbox tracks. I need to get two sets as I've got the Opel Maultier as well. See you went for the open hatches on your build. Did you add any details inside? I see it looks like you may have added some wires and rockets to the launchers, which I don't remember seeing in the kit. Mines packed away in the loft, ready to come out once I've done a few more on the list. When I was considering a "no holds barred cost build" on this kit a while back it was getting an expensive shopping list. Getting up to around £60 !! Apart from Royal Models detail set, and the usual PE stuff I had the idea to get the Lion Roar Nebelwefer kit when it came out to rob the parts to put on this. I say "had", until I saw the price it's going to be. Listed on a site its about for the UK equivalent of £28. I was hoping it would be much less considering how much Lion Roars other stuff sell for. Alan
NOV 14, 2007 - 12:20 PM
Mine was the ADV Azimut kit. Full resin and etch kit, which includes the interior, and a rather nice launcher. The only plastic in the kit were the suspension bogies and mounting rails, and the Italeri tracks.. After you fix the fit problems, it turns into a very nice model. Progress tread here
NOV 14, 2007 - 04:53 PM
Hi Henk Thanks for the reply and the link to your build progress thread. I missed this one, mind you it's not difficult, there's so much information on this site I'm always discovering new and interesting info. A job where you can model and get paid at the same time....that'll do for me. Sadly working for ones self you can model at any time, but you don't earn any money whilst doing it, unless you are modelling for a living of course. Did you ever get round to creating a base diorama to put this on as you mentioned in your posts? I like to see a model especially a worn and weathered example on a base, even if it's just a simple cobblestone, worn roadway type. I think both yours and Emre's (sorry to divert a little from your efforts Emre, in talking to Henk) would look great on one, not that they don't look good now of course. You know when you see a good model, you get the urge to break out yours and start building. Must resist, must resist, too many other things to finish....including work. Cheers Alan
NOV 14, 2007 - 10:08 PM
Hello Everyone, I should say I am flattered that my model is on display. This was completed earlier this year and had several problems, when I look at the model I only see the problems but glad if you like it. It is Italeri's kit of course. However, it came to me as a part of a salvage operation, previous owner had battered up the kit and left it in a mess, especially with CA spilt everywhere. I first cleaned up everything and went back to scratch and built it back again. However, several parts were missing, as visible in the kit, for example the front wheel hubs, nebelwerfer ammo and some other its and bits. I then painted the kit with Gunze Sangyo's Panzer Color Set 2 (it is becoming something of a favorite for me) and yes it is completely freehand. Jesper knows by now how much I despise masking. I tried for the first time on my life chipping on this model. They might look a bit exaggerated, sorry for that. Don't have and experience on the subject. I still can't chip. The tracks for the kit were changed twice. The kit's own tracks were to tight and broke the rollers. I attached them again, but they looked to tight. I decided on a sneaky move and loaded the innards of the vehicle with small steel balls. The tracks snapped. Now I had a Panzerwerfer that weighed about 2 kilograms and had not tracks. Next I stole Opel Maultier tracks from another Italeri kit from my stash. Same problems, didn't fit well. Finally, someone here at Armorama suggested trying out Masterbox. They worked wonders! I definitely recommend them, but be patient and careful, because of the shape and the thinness of the tracks, they can break when you are cutting them off the sprue. However, by this time the track wheels were done for after changing three sets of tracks and because of all those glue. I took a shortcut and covered them in Humbrol's Matt Earth, let this be a muddy vehicle I thought. Some washes, drybrushing, scratching and here it is. It still doesn't look half as good as what I wanted it to be, but from a heap of plastic parts with CA all over them, the progress is still very good. Ah, Alan, by the way, I didn't open any hatches. If you mean the frontal thingie, it is kept in that position to cool the engine or something, Henk would know better. That is how it comes with the kit. You can open all the hatches at the back, but since my vehicle is filled up with steel balls, there's nothing to see. As for the wires and stuff, since this was a rescue operation and there were times when I nearly threw the kit at the wall, I didn't search for any references. However, there's a fresh one waiting in my stash. I'll go guns blazing for that one. The only aftermarket items used is the Masterbox tracks (definitely recommended) and Emre's Steel balls of weight (not recommended). It doesn't give you anything extra if you model is heavy to the scale Well, my current nightmare is if the kit falls down from a shelf. With 2 kgs of steel inside, it will definitely crumble. Glad you guys liked it. Take care!
NOV 15, 2007 - 12:33 AM
Great job Emre.. Congratulations for the perfect camo.. What is the next??
NOV 15, 2007 - 01:08 AM
Hi Emre. I must echo what the other guys have said about the camo and weathering ... you´ve done an excellent job on both. I like the colours of the camo a lot. I understand your problems with Italeri tracks ... I would not consider building a tracked vehicle without indy tracks now. The extra work DOES show, and is worth both the effort and cost. Dont need friuls either ... these masterbox ones look great. Weathered up, there not that much difference. Nice one.
NOV 17, 2007 - 07:35 AM
An excellent finish Emre, the camo looks really good to me.
NOV 17, 2007 - 11:05 AM