Nuremberg 2008 - Everything Else and Final Thoughts

Trumpeter also maintained their usual presence with one of the highlights being the C-47s (C-47A & DC-3) in 48th scale along with the promise of two BAE Lightnings in 1/32nd. The company are still continuing with their British Naval aircraft with a Sea Fury FB.11. In their naval releases, in 1/350th scale, U.S. San Francisco (1942 & 1944 versions), the Richelieu, and H.M.S. Repulse.

One of the regulars at the Show is Squadron Signal Picking up their flyer, there is a lot coming out in the next few months from Squadron. No less than ten NEW aviation books, and, for warship buffs, one on the U.S.S. Tennessee. Armor modelers can expect a new title on the M42 Duster and the long awaited Tank Battles on Iwo Jima. Nor are figure modelers forgotten with Bill Chilstrom’s book - Converting & Detailing Plastic Figures, being scheduled for release in June 2008.

Italeri had their amazing line of 35th scale PT boats on show including the German E-100. Welcome news was in the form of two sets of naval personnel - on eGerman and on efor the U.S. Navy.

A company which hasn’t received a lot of coverage is Minicraft. Not a lot new in their catalogue, but they have announced a 1/72nd scale PBM-5/5a Martin Mariner Flying boat. This is going to be a very big model…

Finally, announced last year, but now available, is something which combines AFVs and model railroads. Marklin are doing a very complete range of flatcars and vehicles including the ‘Fuchs’, Leopards, M48s all in 1/87th (HO) scale. Some additional possibilities include ambulance carriages and helicopters (some images at the side)


The Nuremberg Show is a very interesting environment to find oneself in. It’s very different from the conventional hobby-show – the ‘public’ due to reasons of space are kept outside. This year, one of the gripes expressed in the various forums has been the ‘lack’ of new releases. The last year (and even the first two months of 2008) have seen a huge number of new models announced. The truth is that the ‘majors’ aren’t using Nuremberg as before. Mainly because they are releasing so much during the year, they may keep one or two items to get some headlines at Nuremberg. If anything, the volume of new releases has increased.

There is however a slightly negative side to all this. Some of the bigger manufacturers still pay lip-service to the ‘concept’ of the ‘net. Those who are using it are the ‘smaller’ manufacturers who, interestingly enough, are generating more coverage than ever before. At least two of the ‘majors’ have virtually no concept as to how to present themselves to their ‘enthusiast’ market – perhaps small compared to their R/C sector but significant enough that they still sustain it.

The hobby, from what I saw (again) is still in good shape – it perhaps isn’t moving as much as slot-car racing, R/C or Railroads, but it still seems to be pretty healthy. The amount which is being invested in new-moulding and new releases seems to indicate that…

Roll on Nuremberg 2009!
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