M-101 105mm Medium Howitzer

Here is the famous "105". Initially it was in the "Medium artillery battalions of the Marine artillery regiments in WWII, with the 75 pack howitzers in the light battalions. By the end of WWII, the 105 was classified as light artillery and the 155 howitzer was the medium piece, which is how it remained until the mid-1970's when the 155's (M-114's and then M-198's) were issued to all battalions of the artillery regiments.
This is officially the M-101 howitzer, which happens to be a 105mm howitzer. The official name is the M-101, but we always referrend to it as a "105". Similarly, the M-109, M-114 and M-198 are all 155mm howitzers, the M-107 is 175mm gun and the M-110 is an 8" howitzer.
Guns vs. Howitzers
These are generalities - there are always exceptions. Generally, howitzers are short-barreled weapons with a relatively short range and low muzzle velocity....which generates relatively small range and deflection probable errors. (They are more accurate than guns.) Conversely, guns generally have longer barrels and higher muzzle velocities which give them longer ranges with associated large range probable errors, although small deflection probable errors.

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