M1130 STryker

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Kit by AFVClub (AF35130).
Assembly was quite easy (excepting the lights); I followed the instruction step by step.
The LEDs are of 0603 series with a measure of 0,8mm x 1,2 mm. I chose 'warn white' with a voltage of 3,2 V.
As I had decided to use 12V-batteries as source of energy, I had to use resistors of 470 Ohm.
Mirrors by Echelon which are really their money worth.

For painting I took Tamiya-Colors:
  • The priming coat is Light Grey.
  • Thin pre-shadings with Black-Green and Dark-Green.
  • The main color consists of Nato-Green, Partially highlighted with Flat White, Black- and Dark-Green and Flat Green too.
  • Filtered with high-thinned Flat Blue and Flat Red approximately 90:10 (in fact coloured thinner).
  • Dry brushed with Buff.
  • Weathered with Buff, Flat Earth and Desert Yellow as base coats for mixed MIG-pigments Light Dust, White Ashes and Europe Dust.
  • The periscopes were painted with a mixture of Clear Blue and Clear Red.
  • To simulate some more reflections I applied thinned X-22 (clear) with a drop of Gold Leaf (X-12).

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The working lights is a really nice touch. Got to try that once. Erik
JUL 03, 2008 - 04:25 AM