IPMS Avon Modelshow 2008

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Every August the IPMS Avon Branch organise a very successful annual show, and this year was no exception. The venue for the show is a community centre in Yate, which incorporates amongst the usual other sports activities a sports hall and a restaurant. The sports hall is a good place to have a show, because they tend to be well lit, and a restaurant of some sorts provides the much needed sustenance during the day (or in my case this time, a continues supply of coffee, as I worked the night before, and had not slept..).

The show was supported by a large number of IPMS branches, as well as individual clubs and traders, and many familiar faces were present. One nice aspect of visiting smaller, more local shows is that you can meet up with those regulars, and compare recent new models, which is great for those, including me, who due to work or distance commitments have no regular contact with other modellers at a local club or such.

The competition was a bit down on entries compared to last year, but the same was not true of the quality of the models. There was a strong field in both the larger scale Military Vehicles and Aeroplanes, but there were only a handful of (very good..) entries in the small scale AFV class.

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