The last Befhlspanzer VI Ausf.B

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This model represents a late Tiger II in the command version with the octopus camo scheme. The base for this kit was the Tiger II n6232 from Dragon. PE parts come from the Lion Roar kit 35035. The other accessories come from Tasa (antennas set n35004), Plusmodel (buckets set n152) and Italeri (Jerrycans set n402). The model was painted with Model Master enamels and Tamiya acrylics. I used Mig ready to use washes and filters. Weathering was done with oil paints, Tamiya acrylics and MIG pigments . Some artist's pigments were used on the lower hull.
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About the Author

About Pawel RZYMSKI (spitfire303)


Thank you guys. I really appreciate your comments. I must say it was a real pleasure to deal with this build. The late Tigers B are are a kind of mythical (at least to me). In general I prefer (like most of us I think) the painting / weathering stage, but building this vehicle with all those modifications and details gave me an enormous pleasure I can't find since than. I wanted to thank once more every member of Armorama who helped me with this build and especially James McFarlane and Herbert Ackermans for their continuous support during the whole duration of the project. spit
FEB 11, 2009 - 09:04 AM
Great to see this one added to the On Display area Pawel, very nice work all around.
FEB 11, 2009 - 11:38 AM
Thank you Bill
FEB 12, 2009 - 02:26 AM
Beautiful job Pawel one of the best KT's i have seen also i loved the build blog i learnt a lot about these beasts and enjoyed the journey, the painting and weathering turned out great. Ron.
FEB 12, 2009 - 11:22 AM
Thank you Ron, I'm glad you you liked the blog. One of my goals was to show to people how a late Tiger B can be modelled and what additions/modifications should be done. I just find this very type of tank fascinating. spit
FEB 12, 2009 - 09:41 PM
What can I say,I love it. You are the king of the king tigers. As with all your builds, your work is very inspiring and the build blogs are very helpful to me,I've learned a lot about the KT. Rob
FEB 13, 2009 - 03:31 AM
Thanks Rob for the kind words,by chance don't you wanna make a burnt out Tiger II?
FEB 13, 2009 - 10:11 AM
Hi Pawel I have only built two KT's in my modeling time, about four years ago. Here are some pics of them. This on e is an old wreck, not burnt out. I plan on doing a wrecked Jagdtiger in the future. If I do any built any KT I will be asking you a lot of questions so I do it right. Rob
FEB 14, 2009 - 03:21 AM
Great job, Pawel. It was very interesting to follow your blog and see the work progress. Nice to see the fantastic result. Thanks for sharing
FEB 18, 2009 - 01:05 AM
Thank you Jesper
FEB 18, 2009 - 08:49 AM