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Airborne Forces
Airborne forces are military units set up to be moved by aircraft and 'dropped' into battle, usually behind the enemy lines. Possibility of appearing out of nowhere with very little warning limited only by the number and size of aircrafts makes them very valuable units that can be used in many different situations. The greatest advantage of the Airborne Forces is that they can arrive with such speed that defenses cannot be mounted against them for some time. This tactical advantage cannot be sustained for very long due to the lack of supplies for Airborne Forces so effective airborne missions require the rapid advance of ground based troops in support.
Airborne Forces can be divided into three categories: Paratroopers who land by parachute from aircraft, Airlanding troops which land by aircraft (usually glider) and Air Assault troops or Airmobile Infantry transported to the battle by helicopter or by aircraft. Due to the fact that heavy equipment is usually difficult to transport and drop, Airborne Forces are mostly Light Infantry equipped with light armored vehicles and guns.
Airborne Forces were used from World War II (although the first paratroop drop was carried out by Italy in November 1927) through Korean War, First Indochina War, Suez crisis, Indo-Pakistani Wars, Vietnam War, Soviet war in Afghanistan, invasions of Grenada and Panama, Yugoslavian Wars, Operation Enduring Freedom to invasion of Iraq whenever swift attack was necessary.
Armorama Campaign
The Diorama Campaign focused on Airborne Forces started on Armorama on November 1st 2008 and finished May 8th 2009. Its goal was to build dioramas showing Airborne Forces of any country in action during any conflict. A total of 64 modelers enlisted to the campaign, and 16 dioramas were presented before the deadline. Each participant who successfully completed the campaign received a ribbon which is displayed in the participant's profile.
The Successful Participants
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