Armored Convoy Escort: Sopwith Camel

This is a conversion of AFV Club's M35A2 2 1/2-ton Cargo Truck. Many Deuces were converted in early efforts to harden cargo trucks in defense of American truck convoys during the Vietnam War. The steel fighting compartment was a development employed on both the Deuce and the larger 5-ton cargo trucks. This miniature represents "Sopwith Camel" during service in Vietnam, 1968. For more information on this build follow this link.

  • ACESopCamel035
  • ACESopCamel036
  • ACESopCamel043
  • ACESopCamel037
  • ACESopCamel066
  • ACESopCamel067
  • ACESopCamel068
  • ACESopCamel069
  • ACESopCamel070
  • ACESopCamel071
  • ACESopCamel072
  • ACESopCamel073
  • ACESopCamel074
  • ACESopCamel075
  • ACESopCamel076
  • ACESopCamel077
  • ACESopCamel078

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