Flags Made Easy

A flag is typically a bright spot to a model, a colorful splash that adds a bit of flair. At the same time it can be a hard element to master because it is soft and pliable.

APBullet (Wouter) received a lot of questions on how he made the arial identification flag on his Sd.Kfz.222 (above).

Below he shares his methods on how he made modeled this flag.

You need the following parts and tools:

  •   - a model
  •   - piece of toilet paper (soft one, not the stiff ones commonly sold in France)
  •   - PVA (wood) glue
  •   - water
  • That's all you need, and paint offcourse.

    First step: Fold the paper in the desired size, it looks a bit thick but that will come down. Dont use a single cut piece because that's to thin and will tear apart easily when you are placing it.

    Second step: Place the paper on the model in the desired place.

    Third step: Take some PVA glue (wood glue) and thin it with water at aprox. 50:50. Then spray or brush (carefull) it on the flag.

    Fourth step: Once the paper is soaked carefully form it how you want it to look. Remove any PVA-water excess on the model with a tissue. Small drops are no problem and will dry without leaving marks, bigger ones need to be removed.

    Fifth step: Let dry overnight. Then use your imagination to paint the flag. This one was painted by hand with a brush, but if you mask the model you can use an airbrush too. Some final weathering and your flag will be ready!!!

    Here are a few more views of APBullet's 222.

    • 222flag4
    • 222flag3
    • 222flag2
    • 222flag1

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