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Very nice clean build! Good job Peter! Should the model be shown in Rivet Review Board I would point several minor mistakes, but as it is OnDisplay, I won't bother anyone mentioning them Pawel
JUN 13, 2004 - 07:45 PM
Another good job there Peter.
JUN 14, 2004 - 02:12 AM
Yep! Nice build!! Looks like I want to finish my Brad.
JUN 14, 2004 - 02:36 AM
Looks great, when i am done with my hummer i was thinking of doing a t-55 or m2 idf bradley. I like the detail inside the cabin, the figs look nice to.I also like the weathering and shading done. I have a toss up and i am not sure which one to do. I'll wait till the t-55 is painted to see how the guy did and go from there. Impressive job Peter. Do you have any other ones on the site to look at. I like to get inspired by great pieces of art and well put together models before i start a new one. Happy Modeling
JUN 14, 2004 - 03:34 AM
Very nice and very clean looking. I like it, but as Vodnik said if it was in the RR board there would be several mistakes pointed out.
JUN 14, 2004 - 04:56 AM
Thanks for the compliments. Despite the photos appearing here, you are more than welcome to comment on mistakes, as I make no claim to accuracy and your remarks might help others. I also enjoy your website, especially the How To sections. Best wishes, Peter
JUN 14, 2004 - 10:25 PM
Peter, I won't repeat here everything I wrote in my article (on my web site) about inaccuracies in Tamiya M2A2 kit - you have chosen to build it out of the box and it is just as good way to build models as any other. The way you build the kit however makes it a mixture of Desert Storm and Iraq Freedom vehicles. The older Tamiya kit you used is generally meant to represent vehicle used in Operation Desert Storm. Two figures on your model indeed wear old style "chocolate chips" desert uniforms, as used in 1991. Markings on your vehicle also look correct for ODS. But you included several details which are not correct for Desert Storm. The gunner figure seems to be wearing newer style uniform, not used in 1991, but has old style vest over it... Also CIP pannels attached to vehicle sides and rear, were not used during ODS yet. And probably the biggest discrepancy is the interior layout. You did a very good job scratchbuilding the interior - congratulations! - but the way you build it, it represents late M2A2ODS vehicle variant and those appeared several years after Operation Desert Storm. During ODS all Bradleys had individual seats in troop compartment, not benches. If what you wanted to show was Operation Iraqi Freedom vehicle, then you just used wrong Tamiya kit... Basic M2A2 variants as the one in older Tamiya model were no longer used in 2003 and there are quite significant differences between M2A2 and M2A2ODS Bradleys. There is also several more "modeling" errors I would like to mention. First is the color of rear signal lamps - on all American military vehicles (and most civilian cars) rear signal lamps are red, not orange. The small blackout marker in front lights cluster shouldn't be orange either. You also made a small mistake attaching the work platform to the left side of the hull - it should be horizontal and be supported on the side armor plates. Swim barrier posts should be stored underneath it, not on it. You also attached the front part of gunner's sight from the outside of the turret - this part should actually be glued inside the sight box and you attached it upside down. By the way, M240 machine gun barrel is also glued upside down. And one last remark - you cut square holes in CIP side panels - those holes are only present on panels installed on Humvees, to provide access to door handle. So your panels look like they were stolen from some Humvee :-) Regardless of all I wrote above - your model looks nice and I like the general appearance of it, even if it is not quite accurate. I hope you don't mind I pointed out so many mistakes... Please keep building those nice models, and in case you have any doubts about how to build them just ask here. And if you want, you can always show your "in progress" photos in Rivet Review Boards - this way more experienced modelers will be able to help you correct mistakes before you finish the model Pawel
JUN 14, 2004 - 11:05 PM