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About the Author

About Mirko Jovanović (Sensei)

Hello! : I was born on 19.07.1978. in Belgrade, Serbia. I'm working in a telephone company here in Belgrade. Im into modeling since December 2002. In first i was only making airplanes (1/72 and 1/48 scale) but in October 2003. i transfered into 1/35 scale armour and figs, soon after that i begun to...


The tank is nicely done. Good work!
JUN 26, 2004 - 12:17 AM
thank you Vodnik for posting my work, Its nice to see some of my work published Now, i would apriciate some more comments, both positive and negative, i know my work is not perfect, so some CONSTRUCTIVE (and other, why not) CRITICS are WELCOME
JUN 26, 2004 - 01:19 AM
nice work, i was wondering did you make the sign yourself?
JUN 26, 2004 - 01:26 PM
Sensei I like it lots the ground work is very well done
JUN 27, 2004 - 03:46 PM
Nice work there Mirko. Clever setup and dio idea and the total of your work is nicely carried out . BRAVO Specific points on the dio that i could say : 1) The flesh parts on the guys do look a bit similiar and much light flesh for my likes, and there are no tonal skin variations that would probably appear in different people . More than that the guys are serving in war time thus some darker flesh tones might be more appropriate and not so whitish even if theyre Germans. 2) On the figures again i d like u to do some more carefull work on heighlights and shadows to bring more details up , especially since u re working with dark uniforms and figures that probably dont have the best detail. Then more effort is expected to make a figure stand better this applies also to the facial work. . U can apply some washes to the lower parts of the uniforms to show some dirt and use . For propaganda reasons the battled soldier would seel more !!!!! 3) Your ground work seems fine to me , from what i can see ,. The old trunk of tree is a nice touch , but the bunched bushes seem a bit regularly putted on the base , some more randomizing would make them look even bettewr ans some more loose weeds could make the bunch look less stiff. I d also would try to add some other kind of plant to add some more variation in the scene. 4) concerning your nice tank build , i think that u have overdone a bit with silver colour on weathering the metal parts and aslo the jerry can ican see. Silver is a dangerous colour for weathering and chipping if it is not useed sparingly and with care. I think that next time u may wanna use it a bit less.. 5)i d also would take some more care in the way the lower partof the truck is mudded meaning thta if all wheels run through the same terrain they should have mostly same amount of mud stacked on them . So keep a n eye on that also .. Waiting for your new works Mirko Costas
JUN 27, 2004 - 05:51 PM
THANK YOU COSTAS!!! Now, this is the kind of reply i WANTED to hear, considering that this IS my first ever finished dio in 1/35 (same goes for figures if u exclude that russian sniper) I know it wasnt perfect thats why i asked for other peoples oppinions, so i can see where i was wrong, and where i can do better next time! About the ground work, you are especcially right, but i dont have any static grass (u know the full story ) and i was in a bit of hurry to finish it before the competition so i made some mistakes i didnt want to. But, i gave it a thought and decided not to change anything on this one, but to try not to repeat same mistakes on the next one, i want to save this one as it is, so in a few years i can have my first work as it really was! Thanks again on constructive and detailed critics/suggestions!!! I will sure use them on my next work! cheers Mirko
JUN 28, 2004 - 08:33 PM
Mirko , thats what Armorama'a main goal is to get modellers together and people helping each other to improve as much as they can. Dont worry , about the stat. grass if the bloody pack doesnt arrive we ll try again !!!!!!!!! I d also suggest to keep that work as it is , so u have comparison items in coming time , i do also that . I appreciate your big effort to be better all the time and thats why i am very willing to help u all possible ways Costas p.s. u re really talented , and if u manage to control your creativity u can do many nice things
JUN 28, 2004 - 08:59 PM
Sensei, I liked the over all composition the idea was a good one! Major goose made some good constructive comments, I would like to add... that this is a hobby of patients and observation. We all can get in a hurry to get the project done and then not be happy with the results. When you start your next project, delibertly take your time, don't constrain yourself to a deadline... take the time to observe and learn, when I do a project I always make a goal of trying two or three new techniques. In other words, on your next work, set out with some specific goals to excercise and develope your skills. Your talent is there, nice job and keep it up.
JUN 28, 2004 - 09:27 PM
Thank you for comments! Yup, i hurried a bit with the groundwork For new project (Italeri STUG IV) i already setted up a few new steps: 1. First time i will make some parts on my own (fenders from thin metal, doorhandles...) 2. for the first time i will try an acrylic winter whitewash on a 1/35 wehicle 3. for the first time i will try to add more details on the figures (eyes, straps...) So all theese comments i recieved, both, here and on private messages, are not for nothing!!! thanks again and cheers!!! Mirko
JUN 28, 2004 - 10:31 PM
Well Mirko thats good to set some goals on every next build u do . That will boost your builds and after 3-4 projects u find a whole lot improved picture . Keep the good work and as Paul suggested try not to rush finishing stuff. Has never been a good advice to do so !! Costas
JUN 29, 2004 - 05:10 PM