Making Sherman Bolts

What you need:
  • two stretched sprue pieces with one slighty thicker than the other
  • Your favorite glue (preferably one that can melt plastic like Tamiya cement)
  • Sprue Cutters
How to:
  1. Prepare both sprues

  2. Glue the smaller sprue on top of the other. Make sure the bond is strong

  3. After dryed, cut the lower portion of the thicker sprue using your sprue cutters (I find it much easier than using a hobby knife). Check your references on how thick/thin the bolt should go

  4. Now glue the bottom part to the kit part (or wherever you want to put it). Ensure a hard bond and let it dry throughly

  5. This time, cut the upper portion (the thinner one). Make sure that the thinner one is a lot less shorter than the lower one

That's it!! If you prefer, you can shape the sprue to make it more of a polygonal shape. You can see here how good the bolts look like at close range

At a distance, the bolts do look convincing

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