Desert Ruins

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About the Author

About sas

I am a 1/35th scale armour and softskin modeler, member of VSM ( victoria scale modelers ) here in Victoria,BC, Canada, was a curator at the Ashton Armory Museum as a military model vehicle builder .


This one is one of my favorites, just something about it that I really like.
DEC 29, 2004 - 04:42 AM
Yet another fine creation.
DEC 29, 2004 - 04:44 AM
Thanks very much guys,this was the sidetrack project to break the bordom of doing Allied stuff for a whole summer.Since this one I now have done two more German dios and one Allied and will be sending them in to"on display" soon. Thanks again for your comments.
DEC 29, 2004 - 06:23 PM
Excellent news !! We'll be waiting for them with our arms wide open !
DEC 29, 2004 - 08:13 PM