M36 Jackson Tank Destroyer

This scene depicts Academy’s M36 Jackson posed in an indirect fire support role. The setting shows the crew preparing its position, radioing in for orders, and generally shooting the breeze while waiting for their first fire support mission order. To allow the main weapon to be fired at a higher elevation, the Jackson has been backed into a slightly inclined trench scooped out by a passing engineering outfit. A supply trailer, boxes, discarded lumber pile, damaged power pole, and figures add balance to the scene.

The dio base is 1-inch thick pink construction grade Styrofoam, cut to shape with a small hand saw. For the defilade position, the center section of the base is scooped out and inclined using a Styrofoam shaping tool. The dirt, turf, grass, and shrubs are a mix of items from the garden, Michael’s Craft Store supplies, and model railroading supplies. All scenery is fixed with a mixture of diluted white glue, water, and a drop of liquid dishwashing detergent. The dishwashing detergent is a helpful additive, as it breaks the surface tension of the water/glue mix allowing it to flow through and around the scenic items. Once dry, the scenery is rock hard.

The Jackson is finished with airbrushed Model Master acrylics, straight from the bottle. Dry brushed MM Dunkelgelb highlights the center panels, with multiple layers of Rustall washes and dirt, thinned black washes, and an application of Weather All – Real Rust, providing the weathering.

The M36 sports a field applied stowage bracket on the rear deck made from Evergreen plastic strip and rod for keeping cans and gear in place. The sandbags are formed from modeling clay. Chopsticks from a local restaurant provided the glacis plate wood beams, and the power pole. The tarps draped over the turret are Kleenex tissue soaked in acrylic paint, and the coiled ropes in the trailer are sewing machine threads.

The figures are a mix of Custom Dioramics and Alpine Miniatures. Both company’s provide excellent detail and quality in their figures. Faces, arms and hands are painted with a blend of oil-based burnt sienna, yellow ochre, and titanium white. Trousers, jackets and shirts are finished with acrylics.

Hopefully you will enjoy viewing this dio as much as I did building it. With these offerings, Academy, Custom Dioramics, and Alpine Minatures have provided high quality modeling items that are a joy to build and finish.

Thanks for looking.

  • M36_Complete_Jackson_View
  • M36_Complete_Radio_Group
  • M36_Ovhd_Trailer_View
  • M36_Pole_Side_View
  • M36_Qtr_Front_View
  • M36_Rear_Deck_Kneel_C9594
  • M36_Rear_Trailer_View
  • M36_Rear_View
  • M36_Sandbags_Idler

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