Making a Master: An Idea to Production

The Dream
For a long time I was dreaming of building a master model and produce as a small series under my own label, so I started to seriously plan it out in 2003. I was thinking of a heavy truck, which was available in several versions. This would also be easer and more cost effective for me, as I could base them off of one source.
The Idea
So after much thought I decided on the armored Mercedes L-4500A, which served as basis for Flak guns in several versions and configurations. To make my models state of the art I decided to produce a complete kit. This means that photoetched parts, turned aluminum barrels, wires and accurate decals would be provided in the box and lessoning the need for aftermarket kits. Additional goodies, like optional open doors, open engine bay and lateral shelves in two positions should make the kits even more interesting.
The Plan
So I started with a calculation, as the project had to be funded from my own financial resources, a fact which could possibly endanger the whole idea. I requested offers from several manufacturers as I did not intend to produce the photoetched parts, barrels and decals on my own. For making the moulds and parts I could rely on a partner in Hungary, with who I have been in business for several years already.

Towards the end of the year I had been invited by Peter Plattner, who recently founded his own company “Wiener Modellbau Manufacturer” aka-“WMM“ to sell my products under his label. One of the positive aspects of this cooperation is the fact, that cost funding has been shared among us two. Meanwhile I was able to obtain sufficient references to start with a truck. I also had to make some drawings for certain parts which otherwise would have been unable to be built.

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