Der Famo

Tamiya SDKFZ 9. Famo build 2002-2003
This turned into the project I just couldn't leave alone.

Over the course of about six months in the winter of 2002 and spring of 2003 I managed to finish my first 1/35th military vehicles in years; Tamiya's SDKFZ 9 Famo. This lumbering beat of a vehicle just kept calling me back, even after I had sidetracked myself on to other projects. The box and the partially finished vehicle just sat there looking at me, calling me back. Slowly I managed to cobble the kit together, and even slower yet, I accumulated and painted all the stuff in the back. When it was done, I was pretty happy with what I had. To this day it's still the pinnacle of my building efforts in 1/35th.

  • FAMO_0031
  • FAMO_0011
  • FAMO_002

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