Bergepanzer Tiger (P) A First Look

Dragon Bergpanzer Tiger (P)
This latest kit from Dragon depicts an example of the Bergpanzer Tiger (P), this was based on the Porsche design for the Tiger, and although eventually not used, the Henschel design that was eventually to become the Tiger 1 did use the turret and 8.8cm gun from the Porsche design. This Porsche design eventually was used however, as the basis for the Ferdinand and Elefant, and several of the sprues in this kit are from Dragons’ earlier releases of these kits.

On opening the box, all the sprues are individually bagged with all the metal ‘goodies’ in small ziplock bags fixed to a cardboard insert along with the tracks. Since a few of the sprues are from earlier Dragon kits there are a lot of parts that will find their way into your spares box.

Sprue A is from the Ferdinand kit and very little is used apart from 4 small pieces. Sprue B and a different sprue A, this time from the Elefant kit are much the same with very little being used and most parts again going to the spares box. Another 9 sprues make up the bulk of the kit, and now we come to all those ‘goodies’.

The tracks included in this kit are made of the Dragon styrene DS100, which apparently can be cemented using normal styrene cement. Personally I would have preferred the more usual individual links for this kit, but I reserve final judgement until I have built it.

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  • 03_Chains
  • 04_PE_Fret_01
  • 05_PE_Tool_Clamps_01
  • 06_Tow_Ropes
  • 07_1Tracks
  • 08_Guide_Horns

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