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Aber IS-2 122mm D-25T Barrel
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Posted: Saturday, August 30, 2008 - 02:36 PM UTC
Scott Espin reviews the 1/35 Aber IS-2 D-25T 122mm turned aluminum and cast brass replacement barrel set designed for either the DML or Tamiya IS-2.

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Posted: Monday, September 29, 2008 - 04:30 AM UTC
I'm just about finished with the Aber gun barrel assembly/fabrication. I'm using it on my Tamiya JS-2 Model 1944 ChKZ and have an active build log going here if you're interested. This is a small excerpt of the build log.

Yesterday I went about the process of attaching the two small photo etch parts to the base of the muzzle break which need to be bent into a 90 degree angle. The parts are very small so they can be a little tricky to handle. It took me a long time because they each wound up on the floor at some point or another. Good thing I was using my mobile work bench (12x12 inch ceramic tile) and was working in the kitchen. I still managed to lose one for good though, so I ended up making one of my own. I cut a small strip from the photo-etch fret, drilled a small hole using the tip of an old airbrush needle, then carefully held the part down with tweezers on the ceramic tile work bench while I filed it down to shape using a flat needle file. I know, crazy, but it actually looks pretty good! Whew!

I still need to fabricate the two little pegs that attach next to the brackets and so far haven't found anything suitable to use. I will probably end up using some stretched sprue chopped to the appropriate length and will deal with that when I get home this evening.