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Cold War T-72B
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Posted: Tuesday, September 02, 2008 - 05:16 AM UTC

After I had origanized some Literature about T-72s I canceled my project of building a Soviet T-72 stationed in East Germany during Cold War, because there were no!

Nevertheless I want to build a T-72! The Version should be a B with konatakt-1 reactive-armour!

One internet source is here: http://kpz.axlbox.de/servlets/sfs?i=1158408897725&t=/contentManager/selectCatalog&s=UemZwBzpZlfa0arcSbn&ParentID=1177875386276&intro=1&active=languagePreferences&l=0#m1177875908121

The author of this text says that the program of installing the Reactive Armour started in 1988.

Is this right?? With other words there were T-72B with reactive-armour at the end of the Cold War?

My next question. Are there any pictures of this tank in the internet or in books?

My last one: Please take a look on this webpage. Are the last two tanks an example for Soviet T-72Bs? http://warfare.ru/?catid=244&linkid=1775

For your help I would be very gratefull!

Best regrads!