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15P72 TEL PIONER MAZ-547Vb (SS-20)
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Posted: Saturday, September 13, 2008 - 11:15 AM UTC
Does anybody know where I can get drawings or schematics for a 15P72 TEL Pioner (MAZ-547V) that was used to carry the SS-20 Saber IRBM back in the mid 80's? I would like to scratch build one in 1/35 scale utilizing parts from DML's Scud kit. I have already done several google search's and I have Concord's book "The Scud and other Russian Ballistic Missile Vehicles" which has many pictures of the the TEL along with a good side profile drawing with camuflage netting on the missile tube. I already read a similiar topic from another member who was going to scratch build a MAZ-7917 TEL Topol for the SS-25 Sickle ICBM. Any help would be greatly appreciated and thanks also.