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"New" Italeri Kits
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Posted: Saturday, January 26, 2002 - 12:26 AM UTC
I saw the new Italeri kits listed on the main page. Just to inform the unsuspecting folks out there, only the USMC M4 is partially "new".

The M60 Blazer is the Esci kit that was also reissued by AMT/Ertl; however, this M60 kit is the best M60-series kit every produced. Much better than the Tamiya or Academy ones (don't even bother with the Trumpeter copy). The benefit of the M60 Blazer kit is that it can be built as the Israeli Blazer, an M60A1 or an M60A3.

The M1A2 is the DML kit and is a rather good kit. I hear, but have not seen, that the Trumpeter M1A2 is better though.

The USMC M4 is based on the Italeri M4A2 "Jumbo" that was issued several years ago (I bought one in Germany in 89-90) but disappeared quickly when it was found out to be a mislabeled M4A3. It also showed up as the M4A3 Calliope. Nice kit with wading gear and applique armor. My next Sherman purchase!