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Modern Chinese AFV Antenna Bases
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Posted: Tuesday, April 24, 2012 - 09:57 AM UTC
Apologies that this isn't strictly on-topic, but given the percentage of Chinese equipment that's got at least some Soviet lineage, I figured this might well be the best place to ask.

Does anybody make *modern* Chinese antenna bases? Older bases are, as I understand, basically copies of Soviet ones, so I've doubtless got all that I need in my Modelpoint box, but the newer vehicles seem to have a base that's a variation on the spring base used by most NATO forces. The "springy bit" look completely generic, but the part on top of that which the antenna itself fits into appears to be unique.

Such parts *do* exist. Voyager includes one in its ZBD-04 set, and its ZSL-92 set. It also includes one in its ZLC-2000 set, which isn't much use if you're building the C&C version, since that needs three. You also get a couple in its basic ZTZ-99 set for the HobbyBoss kit.

I currently find myself two ZLC-2000 aerials and three pairs of antennae for my Bronco ZTZ-99s. As far as I can see, Voyager doesn't do a set of purely PLA antenna (which is a bit odd given the way they sell the bits for the Chinese copy of the DSchkM and smoke launchers in separate sets). Does anybody know of any other options? Right now the only thing that comes to mind is to buy one of the ET models "Bumper Bag Of NATO Antenna", slice the springs out of the kit parts and use the springs from that. Alternatively - and more expensively - I could just buy four of the basic Voyager PE set for the HobbyBoss ZTZ99. So I can do a "mix'n'match with the ETModel set for about $12 or so, or I can spend $30+ to get just the antennae from the ZTZ sets, and at least know they look good. The antenna wires themselves are no big deal - my Nitinol stock will hold out.

On the subject of modern Chinese armor (although it's from a company that's selling a lot of product related to Soviet subjects too), any opinions on Spade Ace metal tracks? Their catalog looks like like a carbon copy of Fruils, albeit with more modern Soviet and Chinese tracks (in steel and rubber pad versions) thrown in. If they're any good, given the recent Fruil price rises, I could save a small fortune.
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Posted: Thursday, April 26, 2012 - 07:22 AM UTC
Hi Al,

Im not sure, maybe these fit? Those are new from RB Models and labelde as "modern antenna bases".

Have a look:


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Wisconsin, United States
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Posted: Friday, April 27, 2012 - 05:27 AM UTC
The spring part is the right shape, but the rest is different.

You can just make out the shape of the modern Chinese antenna in this pic from the images of Voyager's ZTZ-99 set:


The actual base that the spring sits on seems to vary considerably so it isn't included.

The closest I've seen in a "dedicated" antenna set is this, from Voyager's Merkava antenna set:


From the picture they look pretty much identical, but I've seen others (which I can't locate right now that have the bottom part of the bit above the spring appear to be hexagonal in cross-section. If somebody who has the Merkava antenna set can verify that they're actually round, then the Merkava set may be the best option (although it's not very clear how many antenna are in the set).

My other option is the ET Models NATO set, which looks like this:


While the resin parts may prove useful, it's the nine springs that grabbed my attention - a little surgery on the plastic kit parts to insert the proper springs, and I've got nine Chinese antenna for about $11. *If* the Voyager Merkava antenna are the right shape, it looks like I can get six for about $6, although I've heard they can be hard to locate and the springs, when seen in images of the packaging, look a bit "long"

The antenna wire is a non-issue for me - I've got a couple of lengths of nice nitinol wire to handle everything except antenna with a pronounced taper.