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DML German Elite Infantry
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California, United States
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Posted: Sunday, December 02, 2012 - 07:42 AM UTC
Rick Cooper provides a review of German Elite Infantry in Russia, a four figure set from Dragon.

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England - East Midlands, United Kingdom
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Posted: Sunday, December 02, 2012 - 09:20 AM UTC
Once again DML have surpassed themselves at releasing a nicely moulded set which to be fair is about as much use as a chocolate fireguard. Utterly unimaginative random figures standing about not really doing anything. The most dynamic is a bloke drinking some water. Wow! I'm blown away by that! Is it any wonder that a lot of us who do figures are now buying MB and Miniart. Same quality (if not better), cheaper and a damned site more interesting than some bloke gazing into space. DML have really had their day...
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Indiana, United States
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Posted: Sunday, December 02, 2012 - 11:02 AM UTC
Yes, they seem to be on a self destructive course the last year or two. Still waiting for two out of three replacement sprues for the last USMC set. Promises, promises. Or as Gomer Pyle would say, surprise surprise surprise. Even though the earlier set were crude to a degree, much better animation. They seem to be riding their wave of succeeds to the very end. A real shame, much like Tamiya did. And I can say I'm making a good call on this as I have over 83 sets of their figures built and in the stock closet. I have slowly be going over to Masterbox even though they are more expensive here. Much better animation, subjects, interacting poses, and no-one pointing. This is figures only as I have not built any of the vehicles from either company yet.
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England - South West, United Kingdom
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Posted: Sunday, December 02, 2012 - 11:24 AM UTC
The figures as stand alone figures are very good however I am a little rattled that all I want is the second figure from the left and I refuse to buy four figures to get one.
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Donegal, Ireland
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Posted: Sunday, December 02, 2012 - 12:22 PM UTC
Personally, I think they are 4 nice figures ... could work as stand alones or join up with other sets. I wouldn´t necessarily knock a set, just because the 4 figures do not have interaction with each other, or are intended to be posed together.
Would be a perfect set for somebody who likes to pose a figure together/beside a vehicle. One set - 4 vehicles?
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Indiana, United States
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Posted: Sunday, December 02, 2012 - 01:19 PM UTC
Hey Frank, you do have a good point there. Looking from my point though, I look for sets that interact with each other and can be incorporated with other sets for my vigns. Being on disability,I have to get as much out of my purchase as possible. But as stand alones, in ones or twos, they would work pretty well. Probably should looked at them with a more open eye to be honest. Guess it's all in what your looking for or need.
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Massachusetts, United States
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Posted: Sunday, December 02, 2012 - 01:37 PM UTC
Their poses really don't convey anything "elite" about them But whatever, I'm pretty exited about that Brandenburg figure set.

Frank has a good point though. . .