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1/6th scale Armortek Late Tiger I project
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Pennsylvania, United States
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Posted: Tuesday, June 30, 2015 - 07:40 AM UTC
It been a while since I posted on here or had any updates with my 222 project, but for the last year I have been working on a RC Late production Tiger I for a customer. The model now is in it's final phases and will soon be completed. the tank features lots of scratch built details and aftermarket parts.

The model started off as a partially started Armortek Tiger I kit. The tank was started by antoher builder who decided to sell it off as he was not going to finish it. Like with all their kits the tank is all scale thickness aluminum. All parts are either laser cut, CNC milled, or are cast alloy.

The model was assembled as a mock up state, when I first started the project I took the tank apart to bare hull and progressed on the build from there.

I first started with the tank's suspension. Like with all armortek german tank models the suspension is functional and uses real torsion bars instead of springs. All bare steel parts that were exposed and had surface rust on them were all cleaned off and reassembled,

the wheels were then prepainted assembled and remounted

Once the suspension was wrapped, I tuned my attention to the tank's RC equipment. The tank uses the stock armortek RC setup which works very well,

Because of the client's requirements of having the engine compartment detailing I needed to rearrange the internal layout of the electronics.

The engine compartment was completely scratch built and it's internal details were all fabricated

https://scontent.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-xfp1/v/t1.0-9/10299150_292436927583691_2749505969252524923_n.jpg?oh=194dbaf9088ae89a430e8ea51c7b1d27&oe=55E828E3" BORDER="0">

Once the compartment was completed I then turned to the tank's Maybach HL230. For the engine I used my Resin HL230 kit, the engine was modded in order to have it's animations. The engine has it's flywheel and it's fan clutch drives fully functional. The exhaust manifolds are also hollow for use of the smoke system.

The fan / radiator clusters were also assembled. Like with the engine this is fully functional and is one of my resin sets

the parts were then all installed, because the tank is RC and access may be needed in the future for repairs or maintenance all parts in the engine compartment are designed to disconnect. To make things more difficult they still have to be able to function.

The tank is also fitted with a sound system and a proportional smoke system, which will all add to the realism of the model

To refill the smoke fluid the tank features an on board fuel pump. This lets the opperator refuel the system via a long hose and it will prevent any smoke fluid landing on the paint finish, the refuel ports are on the fuel fillers of the real tank.

The tank also has remote lighting, which powers both the headlight and the tail light

All of the functions are controlled under the radio operator hatch, this is also where the tank is recharged

For the tank's tin work for the fenders I used 6th scale icons Photoetch brass sets, they are very nice, but require a certain skill set to assemble them

the side skirts are the kit ones but were cleaned off and the interior bulkheads were all added

For the top deck, the top deck is designed to be removed for maintenance purposes,

The rest of the details were all revised, The grills and engine hatch were improved with interior detailing, tool posts were all redesigned to be more accurate, and all fastener locations were deleted.

The tank's turret was also detailed, with improved interior detailing on the copula, and other external fittings. Mechanically the turret rotates, gun elevates, barrel recoils and flashes when fired (like a giant tamiya 1/16).

A 6th scale Icons rear bustle bin was also used, again beautiful kit but only for really advanced builders

Before the tank was painted it went for one last pre paint test run, then off to paint

Once in paint exposed areas received a coat of primer, then everything went into dunkelgelb

For the pattern the tank is painted for SS-PZ.Abt.102 Normandy, 1944.

After the pattern the tank's markings were added. The markings are all stenciled and painted on. The pattern also got some counter shading, but was left mostly clean. This was done as per the customer's request as he wants to continue the weathering on his end.

The tank's tracks have also been painted and installed. Being made of metal and the tank being RC they will weather themselves after driven for a short distance. which should happen after these rain storms stop

Currently the last of the tools and other external fittings are being painted / installed. Once mounted the model will be completed!!

More pics of the project were taken during the construction. There were all posted on the ECA facebook page



Also during the duration of the build project update videos were posted on youtube, there I go further into detail on what was done to the model and the mods that I made to it


Once completed I'll post some final pics.
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England - North West, United Kingdom
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Posted: Tuesday, June 30, 2015 - 10:04 AM UTC
Did the tracks come with the tiger or were they bought separately?

They look more like the early type tracks with no ice cleats.
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Wisconsin, United States
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Posted: Tuesday, June 30, 2015 - 10:44 AM UTC
HOLY POOP ! What a monster ! I never knew such a thing like this exsisted ! Way too cool ! Scale thickness ! Do you have any stats like size dimensions and a weight ? And the engine, was that part of the kit or did you make it ?
Thanks for sharing with us ! Any future large scale builds ?
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Pennsylvania, United States
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Posted: Tuesday, June 30, 2015 - 05:44 PM UTC
Thanks guys,

Karl, the tracks on this tank come with the kit, and are the early pattern. No late pattern tracks exist in this scale as an aftermarket, and the company recycled their early pattern tracks from their other tigers to save on tooling and costs.

ivanhoe6,l the tank weighs in at around 350lbs. As for more builds I'm always posting large scale builds on here and I have many more completed builds posted. Most of the build posts are found in the large scale section on here. I have all of my finished pieces posted on my website, eastcoastarmory.com

As for the engine, the fans, and lots of the other details found on the tank, those are not part of the kit, but are resin detail upgrades that I developed. The engine and the fans are offered as full kits on the website.
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Alberta, Canada
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Posted: Tuesday, June 30, 2015 - 07:15 PM UTC
Wow! Very impressive, that is a real monster, it will need a garage of its own at its new home. Excellent work, how many hours do you think you put into it?
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British Columbia, Canada
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Posted: Tuesday, June 30, 2015 - 09:43 PM UTC
Astounding! really just wild and well done. Great craftsmanship.
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North Carolina, United States
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Posted: Tuesday, June 30, 2015 - 10:30 PM UTC
John, do you go to the PennCon show in Carlisle?
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Pennsylvania, United States
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Posted: Wednesday, July 01, 2015 - 12:47 AM UTC

Quoted Text

John, do you go to the PennCon show in Carlisle?

I never heard of this show before, In the past I use to go to the NJIPMS mosquitoconn, but I don't really go to shows anymore these days.
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Pennsylvania, United States
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Posted: Tuesday, July 14, 2015 - 09:33 AM UTC
The tank is now finished!

The last of the tools, and cables were mounted. For the tools the Armorpax kit supplied units were used, for added realism I replaced the metal handles with real wood ones.

The gun cleaning staves were also added. These too were kit supplied and the only mod I made was the addition of the swab brush.

Other misc. bits were also added like the bow MG34, turret roof periscope prism, antenna base, kit supplied armorpax resin fire extinguisher and AA gun mount

Another part that was added was the starter plate. For this model the kit supplies you with a basic plate made from CNC aluminum. Rather than upgrading the kit supplied unit I instead modded one of my early pattern plates, adding the late pattern detailing.

The new plate was molded and has been added to the catalog.


Some more markings were also added. this would include the divisional logos on the front and rear (easier seen in video), and black center on the bustle bin numbering

Once the tank was done it was taken for another final test run, which it ran well, and broke the in the track's new paint

The engine compartment was also checked and tested to see if the functions were operational, they too were working.

While filming I ran into a first when a bird laded on the tank, then flew off shortly after... guess he liked the paint job .

After he flew off the tank was driven some more then was placed into storage now awaiting delivery,

More pics were posted on the ECA facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/EastCoastArmory

and a final update video was posted on youtube, https://youtu.be/qSZ3pey_fZg

in addition to the new video, the entire project playlist has been rearranged in chronological order so watching the build from start to finish is now much more easier.

With the tank now officially completed, I have turned my attention back to the 222 armored car, and already have some more gun mount masters ready to mold. Once ready I will post more on that build.

I will also be starting another 1/6 commission build project that I will also post in the coming weeks, and more will follow. stay tuned!!
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Kobenhavn, Denmark
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Posted: Tuesday, July 14, 2015 - 10:17 AM UTC
That is absolutely awesome.