Armor/AFV: 48th Scale
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FINISHED - Airfix 1/48 Coyote
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Posted: Tuesday, April 05, 2016 - 01:48 PM UTC
Calling this one done. No more tinkering. Kit builds really well but does benefit a lot from the extra etch set you can get from Airfix (if you can find one - seem to be as rare as hens teeth).
Does mean a bit of carving and scraping bits of the kit, nothing to bad though. Also added the excellent resin stowage set from Red Zebra models along with the generic army figure. Water and beer boxes came via Hannants. The model was sprayed with vallejo paints and weathered with washes from Vallejo/AK. ‘sand’ on the vehicle is a custom mix of pastels and pigments applied wet and then a dry layer fixed with thinner. Base is a picture frame and the middle built up with foam sheets from Hobbycraft (£5 for 50 sheets of A5+ , a lot cheaper than blue Styrofoam), then Vallejo sand paste and the same custom mix of sand scattered and fixed with fixer. Tow shackles are 0.8mm lead wire and the tow cable 0.5mm wire. The towing strop(s) are Tamiya tape, doubled and trimmed to size.

Thank's for looking.