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Posted: Friday, November 24, 2017 - 04:07 PM UTC
Recently added a Dragon Pak 97 and a Special Armor KPUV vz37 / PaK 37. I am figuring out what paint jobs to use. I know units doing anti partisan work in the Balkans got "re gifted" equipment. Were any of the SS units, Handshar, Florian Geyer, Prinz Eugen, recipients of the Pak 37? (Florian Geyer, being a Cav. unit would have been a prime candidate.) As for paint, Panzer Grey? As for the PaK 97, were any used on the Channel Islands? I know Char Bs were used on the Islands. I heard R-35s too, maybe. Only photos I've seen have been 20mm FlaK and PaK 36s, and a couple big barrels sticking out of bunkers. Renault UEs for towing? Any other suggestions?
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Posted: Saturday, November 25, 2017 - 02:34 AM UTC
A few PaK 97/98 period pics :