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AK: Real Colors of WWII
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Posted: Saturday, December 02, 2017 - 01:19 AM UTC

This reference book recently released from AK Interactive feature the research by a handful of trusted names in military history and scale modeling.

Read the Review

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Posted: Friday, December 08, 2017 - 05:21 AM UTC
Interesting review, Jim. I wonder who will carry this? I might spring for a copy.
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Posted: Friday, December 08, 2017 - 06:29 AM UTC
Number of places overseas (from us, Bill) have it, as well as a couple of guys on ebay. Prices are ranging from $66 to nearly $100 depending on source. Hopefully, someone in the US can stock it near the lower price point.

Getting one from Mrs. Santa, myself.
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Posted: Friday, December 08, 2017 - 09:57 AM UTC
We’ve got it but they’re going fast! Use coupon code “returning” to knock off $5.00


-Brett from Megahobby
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Posted: Sunday, January 27, 2019 - 07:01 AM UTC
Saw the book at my model club, and thought "wow"
Eventually got one when on a special at UK model distributor, was impressed with the whole package.
In a recent thread on Britmodeller there was discussion regarding the claim for +/- 3% on the accuracy in color reproduction.
I said I honestly didn't know, and did some digging.
this, from the "author" of the British section staggered me

Quoted Text

Regarding the AK book. To be honest I am livid and disgusted at the way they published the British section. My submitted original text was requested to be shortened, which I did. They then edited that without my knowledge. I sent complete sets of camouflage diagrams with copies of the official orders. These orders were totally ignored. Then redrew some of the disruptive diagrams in their own style and colours transposed onto mostly American vehicles, apparently the British didn't have any of their own. To cap it they then applied a disruptive pattern from one tank type onto another type, it doesn't fit of course. The ultimate was putting the pattern for the Greek based A10s onto a Crusader which never carried the design nor deployed to Greece. Samples of their paint were sent to me for assessment. None were accurate, not even close, which I reported back with larger samples. New samples then arrived for testing, still not right. In discussion I discovered that they were matching under 'daylight' lighting! FGS are they not sharp or what? I gave them up as a waste of my time, I told them that too. Rant over.

This is a noted authority on British Armour, and this is how they treat his input.
this is some more of the AK Real Colors that come from this "research"

Quoted Text

Subject: Re: Chapter 8 - Finished Model and Conclusions
Date: Dec 22, 2017 (03:17:25)
From: Mike Starmer
On the subject of AK paints. I have 7 samples of the Middle East colours for the desert and Italy. Greatly disappointing. Only Light Mud is reasonably close to the appearance of this in photographs but currently lacking a standard would do. Khaki Green 3 is far too light and ginger, lacks depth and the green tinge of the original. Slate 4 is too light and green, should be darker and more grey, Silver Grey 28 is not even close, being too light and very sickly yellow. Portland Stone is too light and lacks the slight green tinge it should have. Light Stone 61 is too dark and too red, Desert Pink is a bright shocking 'girly' hue nothing like SCC.11b , should be duller and earthy in appearance. SCC.14 Blue-black is dark but too red.

It has come up the AK are planning Real Colors of WWII Aircraft
I noted that their USN set misses out 2 blues...

I know I am not a regular poster here, but as I could comment, I thought this was worth noting, as it's not a cheap book, and so far, postive review, though there was a post on how they got the RAL colors wrong
OK found it


since the big part of the book is the German colors, this really casts doubt on the whole book. the poster in this case notes that there are numerous errors in actual German in the book.

the poster notes

Quoted Text

Don't forget, they only took the names of the authors and their knowledge/stuff. The book was written by a ghostwriter and was placed on market, before they ever had seen the result. That's the way some companies work.

I'm very annoyed about this as I bought the damn book BEFORE I found this out.