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DEF M54 Resin Wheels
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Posted: Monday, November 12, 2018 - 07:24 AM UTC
I'm having a problem with this AM set of sagged wheels for the M54.

The DEF 35110 set for the rear sagged wheels were ordered as soon as they were announced by the manufacturer. This purchase was based on the assembled plastic dual wheels of the kit proper. The tires had an improper profile (squared-off) and when assembled, the tires were noticeably too far apart from each other in a dual set. I rounded off the square profile of the plastic tires, which gave a decent appearance but did nothing to change the distance between the wheels.

When the DEF package arrived, I sanded the tread portion lightly and assembled the dual sets. When I attempted to place them on the axles, the DEF outer tires sat well-outside of the truck bed edge and mud flaps. The "sagging" was also too pronounced, as if the truck was hauling 10 tens.

I attempted to trim back one of the brake drum assemblies on the truck, to try and bring the edge of the outer tire back in line with the cargo bed, but the DEF wheels are apparently too deep-set, and I can't remove enough of the brake drum to fit their tires. Frustrating.

It seems that someone can spec-out a set of M54 wheels with proper off-set, then obtain the proper size (and as importantly) the proper tire profile of the 1100.20 tires used all around the truck. No sag, properly reflecting the 1:1 scale item, ESPECIALLY in a dual set.

Can this information be relayed to Shapeways, or another 3-D printed model pattern maker?

BTW, this can also probably be done for the AFV Clunb M35/M109 2.5 ton truck models as well, using the proper sizes for those trucks.

The appearance is very distinctive on the 1:1 item, both 2.5 and 5 ton.
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