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Searchlight for UAZ-469
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Akershus, Norway
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Posted: Tuesday, June 11, 2019 - 03:22 AM UTC
I'm working on a UAZ-469 in DDR Grenztruppen service and most of the pictures I've come across show these cars usually equipped with a searchlight. (Click image for bigger version).

I'm using the Trumpeter kit, #02327, who ironically has a searchlight on the box' artwork, but not in the kit itself.
Are there any aftermarket searchlights that can be used or do you guys know any DIY-tricks?

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Nevada, United States
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Posted: Tuesday, June 11, 2019 - 05:08 AM UTC
All the ready made vehicle spotlights similar to that are in American 1/24th or 1/25th scale. 1/32 is an auto scale but accessories are rare. I would just scratch build one from sprue, turning it in a electric drill like a lathe. I have used Gundam parts for spotlights in the past.

If you can find these, they can be modified . You still have to craft a housing, but you will have a clear lens.

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Colorado, United States
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Posted: Tuesday, June 11, 2019 - 06:38 AM UTC
The Revell Snap Tite Mack Fire Pumper comes with four of them. Also has a few horns for whomever was asking about Stryker Horns. This kit is always available for 40% off at Hobby Lobby in the US. For Norway best bet is eBay. But let me have a look in a few weeks - I may have one lying around.