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Posted: Friday, October 04, 2019 - 04:56 PM UTC
Well .... seems my inquiry on the Sherman V / OD or SCC15 was premature. New battle plan is the kit is going to be a South African AOP. From what I've read they had 3 radios. Photos are hard to make out the antennae fit. Two on the turret, one on the right , front hull? I also read the HQ ones had the 75mm yanked. Ones that did the actual forward observing retained the guns. Would they have still had 3 radios? (Ones with no gun had a map table / plotting board in that space.) And .... Light Mud paint Anybody know the Vallejo 70. equivalent? The 71.284 does me no good. I don't air brush. Lifecolor has theirs but I cant find it out of the set anywhere in the US. I remember seeing somewhere that fs30277 is close. Yes? No? Maybe?