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Voyager Clasps??
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Posted: Wednesday, September 23, 2020 - 09:19 PM UTC
Just wondering if anyone has any good tips for using Voyager PE tool clasps??? Im part way through my Takom Blitz Jagdtiger kit, and have so far only done the clasps on the sledge hammer towards the front.

The clasps come from the Voyager kit. I have done Voyager clasps before, with good success........ but they can take anywhere up to around 30 minutes per clasp for me!!!!!!

Any hot tips out there? (dont ask about the small tie down loops that surround the top of the casement, ive done about 16 of 30 odd so far!!!!).
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Posted: Wednesday, September 23, 2020 - 10:14 PM UTC
I find the best way to do them is to bend the parts to shape but do not bend the handle all the way into the U shape, keep it a more V shape. Hold the handle down the bottom as close to the centre bent part as possible. Then slip one of the pins in the top retaining bracket in a hole closest to the handle and tease in the the opposite pin in its hole, pushing it down the handle side to flare it out until it drops in its hole is a good method. Then gently apply some pressure to close the handle over the pins so it does not fall out, but not all the way yet as you still need to have the handle ends wide enough for the lower bracket to be inserted. With a scalpel, flip that top part backward over the handle to make room to fit the lower bracket. Ease one pin of the lower bracket in place then roll your finger closed a bit to maintain the pressure on the secure side while you slide the opposite pin down the handle to widen it until it slips in its location hole. Then when that is in place, squeeze the sides of the handle to lock in the pin.

I prefer Aber clamps as I find the handle on those hold shape better than the thinner Voyager ones which bend open at a mere breeze. Voyager are far less forgiving at the bends and the handles can fall apart if you move the sides in and out just a few times.

I can do an Aber one in a few minutes from 'remove from fret and clean up the part' to 'play with the working movement'...

BTW. I have a magnifying light so that makes seeing the holes so much easier.