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FT: 1/35 MIG Productions Pz IV Ausf F1 Conv.
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Illinois, United States
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Posted: Wednesday, January 31, 2007 - 09:17 PM UTC
Hi all.

I have a complete and unstarted 1/35 MIG Productions PZKFW IV Ausf. F1 Conversion (#35-125) for trade. The set is bagged and not in the original pacakaging though.

If interested, I am attaching my want list below, but I am willing to consider trades for armor references or 1/35 Armor kits, detail sets, conversions, etc of similar value.

Please contact me at [email protected] if interested.


Patrick Keenan
Aurora, IL


Armor Kit Wants

1/35 Armored Car Kits
1/35 Accurate Armour Daimler Mark I Armored Car
1/35 Accurate Armour Daimler Mark II Armored Car
1/35 Accurate Armour E-10 Tank Destroyer
1/35 Accurate Armour E-25 Tank Destroyer
1/35 Cromwell Vickers Mk VIa Tankette
1/35 Cromwell Vickers Mk VIc Tankette
1/35 Fine Cast Models (FCM) Panhard EBR 75 with FL 10 Turret
1/35 Fine Cast Models (FCM) Panhard EBR 75 with FL 11 Turret
1/35 Firing Line Saladin Mk 2 Armored Car
1/35 IMA Beaverette III “Beaverbug” Armored Car
1/35 IMA Marmon-Herrington Mark II Armored Car
1/35 MIG Productions Landcruiser Technical w/ Dushka MG
1/35 MIG Productions Hi-Lux Pick-up “Technical”
1/35 Plus Model Praga AV Staff Car
1/35 Sovereign 2000 Sdkfz 247 Armored Car
1/35 Tamiya Stug III Ausf. B

Armor Conversion/Detail Set Wants
1/35 Armored Car Detail Sets and Conversions
1/35 Commanders 15cm SIG-33/2 sf Jagdhetzer 38t Conversion
1/35 Commanders PZKFW 38t Recon Tank Conversion
1/35 Cromwell SDKFZ 222 Neu Art Armored Car Conversion
1/35 Eduard AFV Club M10 Detail set (35300)
1/35 Jaguar Jagdpanther Interior (JA 63526)
1/35 Masters Productions French GMC 40mm Bofors Guntruck
1/35 Ordnance Models CCKW 2 ½ Ton Truck Armor Set
1/35 Real Models Kubelwagen Radio Car Conversion
1/35 The Tank Workshop M8 Greyhound Armored Car Wheels with Chains

Armor Book Wants

Books on Armored Cars
”Fighting Vehicles and Weapons of Rhodesia (1965-1980)” by Peter Locke & Peter DF Cooke
“(Modern) German Wheeled Fighting Vehicles” # 7504 (Concord)
Hunnicutt Armor Books (accept U.S. Armored Cars/US Halftracks/Bradley)
“Irish Army Armoured Cars” by Karl Martin
“The Land Rover: (1948-1984) by James Taylor
MBI Publishing “Praga LT vz.38 / PzKpfw.38(t)”
MBI Publishing “Skoda LT vz.35”
MBI Publishing “Jagdpanzer 38 Hetzer”
“Modeler's Special Edition: Guide to the Kubelwagen” by Ampersand Publishing
“Modern Military Land Rovers In Colour (1971-1994) by James Taylor & Bob Morrison
“Panzer Tracts #7: Panzerjaeger” by Thomas Jentz
“Panzer Tracts #12: FLAK & FLAKpanzers” by Thomas Jentz
“Panzer Tracts #18: PzKpfw 35 (t)” by Thomas Jentz
“A Photo History of Armoured Cars in Two World Wars” – George Forty
Profile Publications Armoured Fighting Vehicles of the World Series. Volume 3 “British & Commonwealth AFV’s 1940-1946”
Tankograd’s “Land Rover Defender”
“Wheels of the RAF” by Bruce Robertson

Aircraft Conversion/Detail Set Wants

1/48 Ultracast Pfeil Exhausts

Aircraft Decal Wants

1/48 Aeromaster P-47D “Thunderbolt Best Sellers Part 2 (48-688)
1/48 Aeromaster P-47D “The Wolf Pack Part 4 (48-660)

Aircraft Book Wants

Historie P-51D Mustang
Historie F4U Corsair
Historie French Aircraft of WW II
Osprey “Aircraft of the Aces” #14 – P-38 Lightning Aces of the Pacific and CBI