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The Crowood Press has just released three books that I am sure will be of interest to some of you here. Two of the books are paperbacks and cover Russian/Soviet subjects, the other is a hardback book covering modern body armour and which I am sure will appeal to a fair number of members here.
One of the more interesting subjects for modellers and historians, has been the use of AFV turrets as fixed fortifications. Many parts of the world have seen these defences - from the Russo-Sino border to unlikely locations such as the frontier between Spain and France. This new book, from Crowood Press, looks at a century of developments of this type...
British webbing is an obscure and complex subject which has been overlooked by most publishers. The Crowood Press have come to the rescue with a new book in the Europa Militaria series by Martin Brayley, co-author of the excellent 'World War II Tommy in Colour Photographs'.