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It has been a while since we have reported anything from CMK, but we ‘figured’ it was time. CMK is back with some new figures for dressing up your dioramas or for their own vignette.
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Czech Masters Kits are soon to release a series of new resin upgrade parts for the Dragon Tiger I. The new kits include a highly detailed turret interior, and engine sets.

3129 (1/35) NEW, COMING
Tiger I – Interior set 1/35 for Dragon kit
Set contains highly detailed turret interior for WW II German tank. Set also includes color photo-etched parts.

3128 (1/35) NEW
Maybach HL 230 P45 - German WW II tank engine for Tiger I 1/35
Set contains highly detailed WW 2 German tank engine used in Tiger I and Sturmtiger.
CMK - Czech Master's Kits have yet another new release on the horizon..... These advance pictures of their new Sherman Interior, will no doubt whet the appetite of many....
Today I received an unexpected surprise in the form of ADVANCE images of CMK's new interior kits for the Tamiya Sherman.