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Ultracast shop has a 25% discount on all products on their webshop -only for this weekend.
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Ultracast has not been covered on Armorama for some time, but with five new figures in the works they are back. These figures are all World War 2 offerings in 1/35th scale.
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A new figure has been announced by Ultracast that can be used to man a Commonwealth AFV in the desert.
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UltraCast, from Canada, has a new resin cast storage that some of you Sherman fans will be interested in.
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Ultracast continues to expand their resin cast line. They have just added new 1/35 resin cast heads to their WW2 Allied and Axis product lines.
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Ultracast released new multi-pose figure with optional arms and head:
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Ultracast have released a new Canadian Crewman and a set of munition boxes in 1/35 scale.
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Ultracast have released two new Canadian/Commonwealth resin Tankers in 1/35 scale.
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Two new resin 1/35 Canadian/British tank crew figures from Ultracast to populate the recent Allied armor releases.

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After what seems like a while, the Canadian manufacturer, Ultracast, have announced a series of New 1/35th scale AFV crews and heads...