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Nemrod released two new figure sets in 1/35 scale depicting modern day French Army soldiers. Two additional releases are equipment and weapon sets which should come in handy for anyone building modern French figures and vehicle vignettes.
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Nemrod announced new figure set in 1/35 scale depicting US tank crew from WWII.
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Nemrod have released two new World War Two figures sets and a World War Two female civilian evacuee/refugee.
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Nemrod released several new WW2 figure sets, all in 1/35 scale:
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Time to catch up on some releases from Nemrod, which are a pair of German Tankers, two French Children and a cow.
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Nemrod have released a pair of figures, in resin, from the 21 Pz Div Normandy June 1944.

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Nemrod have recently released a pair of 1/35 US Marines 1943, in resin.
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Nemrod have recently released a pair of Scottish Infantry soldiers, an officer and a radio operator.
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Nemrod have released a 1/35 Staghound crew in resin.