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RealModel have just sent us images of their latest printed sheets in 1/35th scale.
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Few companies are showing the enthusiasm that RealModel is with the Stryker in 35th scale. Here are their latest offerings.
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RealModel have just announced their latest releases in their increasingly invaluable series of printed ration boxes.
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It's always the tiny details which bring a model or diorama to life. Apart from their considerable range of full kits and update/conversion sets, Real Model also do a considerable range of printed sheets which cover ration boxes, maps and all sorts of other items - here are the latest:
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Some new products from Real Model this month to keep fans of Modern Armor happy. The new products range from cheap paper accessories to very expensive full resin kits.
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Late news from Real model brings us a set of replacement wheels for the HEMTT

Real Model have announced three new releases for July/August of interest to modeler's of modern vehicles

Once again, more new releases from the Czech manufacturer RealModel with two new products in 1/35th scale:

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The Czech manufacturer, RealModel continues with their new releases in a number of different areas...
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It's somewhat stating the obvious, that, in the case of U.S./Allied softskins, there isn't a lot on the market. Therefore, any new kit (in whatever medium) is welcome....
The Czech company, RealModel have in the last mont or two announced a whole series of new releases, here's an update...
RealModel have just announced four more 1/35th scale sheets of road signs and posters.
The Czech manufucter RealModel have announced three, new 1/35th scale releases which indicate a slightly different direction for them...
Realmodel has previously been best known for its extensive catalogue of Armor update/accesory sets along with their complete kits, now they are diversifying with some 1/35th scale figures...
With the announcement of two new Stryker kits in 1/35th and the increasing interest in Modern Armorm these new sets from Realmodel should find a ready market...
The Czech manufacturer, Real Model has just sent us images of their latest 1/35th scale releases.
Real Models have announced 2 new kits. The M816 5ton Medium Wrecker, and the M817 5ton Dump Truck.
Miroslav Hraban of Real Model has just announced that his new kit is ready to ship!
Miroslav Hraban has just informed us that his new website is up and running!