Tuesday, August 07, 2012 - 10:27 AM UTC
In from Model Miniature, in conjunction with Cromwell Models, a couple new braille kits. And one of the kits will put you in the dog house.
Model Miniature has informed Armorama of a couple of new kits in 1/72 scale. It is interesting that both the kits are in partnership with Cromwell Models. First there is the Nagamachon Doghouse with slat armor, and second is the Merkava IV with instructor chair. Two very interesting models. Also announced were a slew of wheel updates.

MM-R092 - Nagamachon Doghouse 4 man with slat armor (in partner with Cromwell Models)
MM-R093 - Merkava IV with instructor chair, (in partner with Cromwell Models)

Wheel Sets:
MM-R081 - Wheels for Land rover
MM-R082 - Wheels for Staghound
MM-R083 - Wheels for M-462 Abir
MM-R084 - Wheels for M-325 Nun Nun
MM-R085 - Wheels for UR-416 (Unimog)
MM-R086 - Wheels for Dodge 6X6
MM-R087 - Wheels for M-51 For Mutt
MM-R088 - Whels for Cougar ILAV
MM-R089 - Wheels for Jeep M-38
MM-R090 - Wheels for Pick-up Technical
MM-R091 - Wheels for Hammer

Armorama would like to thank Model Miniature for the very interesting update.
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