Thursday, June 07, 2018 - 10:13 AM UTC
Vallejo Scenics, is a new range of diorama bases for the setting of figures and vehicles in scale 1/35.
The bases are precast in a novel and exclusive type of lightweight resin, which has a matte white finish, is easy to cut and adapt to different sizes, and permits sanding and painting as well as any further weathering processes.

The first six references now available can be used as a simple bases or can be further enriched with shrubbery, trees, telegraph posts, street lights, military equipment and figures, or with sections of ruined walls and buildings, using as many complements as considered right for the scenery suggested.

Paved street section, an ideal 14x14 cm base for placing a vehicle in 1/35 size, for cars and small or medium size tanks, motorcycles or figures, civilian as well as military, and for complementing these with a series of details such as undergrowth, street lights or telegraph poles.

Rubble street sectionA 14x14 cm base which has been cast with a very detailed mould of a section of road, cleared amidst ruins, appropriate for placing the remains of a destroyed vehicle, perhaps accompanied by figures and troops in movement, or with science fiction or fantasy themes, any of these can be situated in this environment while the modeller ads as many details as considered suitable and in context.

Paved street section, this 30x21cm base allows for different finishes to suggest the different materials which may constitute the paving in a city. The street section can be enriched with different architectural elements, such as a fence or a wall, a house or the ruins of a structure, and with details such as street lights or telegraph poles, according to the modellerís criteria.
The size of this base allows for the placement of a tank or even several light vehicles, or a combination of models to create a more complex scene.

Wooden airfield surface, also 30x21cm, it represents an improvised section of wooden planks, a landing area for aircraft in 1/48 scale which also permits the placement of any type of vehicle in scale 1/35. The base has the texture of weathered wood, as well as an area of ground next to the wood surface. A perfect base for a field workshop, a truck to be repaired, a cargo of fuel drums or various light vehicles

Cobblestone street with drain, again a 30x21cm a base for city environment which shows a cobblestone pavement with realistic details. The size of this street allows for the placement of the model of a tank, of various light vehicles or of a combination of models to create a complete scene.

Country road cross with railway, With details of high quality, this base offers the modeller many possibilities. The irregular features of the terrain, the level of the railroad tracks and the stones in the road form a perfectly natural terrain. Scenic base supplied unassembled. The base features the corner of a loading platform and the remains of a wall, which form a visual diagonal line and assist in placement of the model. The 30x21cm of the base provides ample space for a tank, or even various light vehicles- or a combination of both- to create a complete scenario, and allows for the addition of many additional features to create the perfect context.
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Nice, but in 1/72 please. 😃
JUN 07, 2018 - 11:10 AM
Country road cross with railway - "Scenic base supplied unassembled", does this suggest that the rail lines might be separate and the modeler can set the gauge or is that mainly for the other items and rail is modeled in the base? I like the layout concept and have a project in mind with it but I think the rail gauge will not match.
JUN 07, 2018 - 11:34 PM
These look very interesting indeed.
JUN 07, 2018 - 11:36 PM
What doesn't this company offer? I just spent some time with their new and impressive catalogue and decided that I could quickly go broke on what I'd like to get from them, both in paints, powders, reference books and kits!
JUN 11, 2018 - 05:04 AM

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