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Achzarit Heavy APC Part 1
Israeli Wild & Cruel Cats Vol.3 Achzarit Heavy APC Part 1
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by: Todd Michalak [ TRM5150 ]


The author of Israeli Wild & Cruel Cats Vol.3 Achzarit Heavy APC Part 1, Dr. Robert Manasherob, holds a Ph.D. in Microbiology and Molecular Cell Biology, an officer in the IDF (Res), a world recognized expert on Israeli military vehicles and an avid builder of models. Dr. Manasherob publishes his works under his own publishing house; SabIngaMartin Publications. To date, Dr. Manasherob has published nineteen books on the vehicles at the heart of the IDF covering these subjects from the past to the present. SabIngaMartin Publications and Dr. Manasherob have an online shop that specializes not only in books surrounding the subject of vehicles in the IDF but have some model accessories for the fan of all things IDF; including decals, resin upgrades and figures.

The Book

Israeli Wild & Cruel Cats Vol.3 Achzarit Heavy APC Part 1 – The Israeli Way
Author: Dr. Robert Manasherob
Scale Drawings: Victor Kachinsky
Color Profiles: Arkadiusz Wrobel
Cover and book design: Robert Manasherob and John Heck
English proof reading: Inga and Martin Manasherob
Published by SabIngaMartin Publications
Pages: 80
SRP: $40.00 USD


Israeli Wild & Cruel Cats Vol.3 Achzarit Heavy APC Part 1 is a soft cover publication on high quality A4 size paper. The book is 80 pages in length and filled with just over 150 photographs all on the subject of the Achzarit Heavy APC as seen in service with the IDF. There are eleven pages containing 1/35 scale drawing of four different variants of the Achzarit. The book does not have a Table of Contents to define the chapters and/or sections contained within; however there is a visible coloring to the pages that separate all of the sections within. The following outline the contents of this book:

  • Back of front cover – Dedication, Credits and Authors letter to the reader
  • Section One – History behind the Achzarit Heavy APC; page 1 thru 5
  • Section Two – Achzarit: Initial Type; page 6 thru page 15
  • Section Three – Achzarit: Hybrid Type; page 16 thru page 21
  • Section Four – Achzarit Production Type Mark 1, Variant A; page 22 thru page 38
  • Section Five – Achzarit Production Type Mark 1, Variant B; page 39 thru page 49
  • Section Six – Achzarit Walk Around; page 50 thru page 71
  • Section Seven – Camouflage and Marking of Early Achzarits; page 71 thru page 80


I have to admit I have become a bit of an IDF fan so it is always a bit exciting when I get something new to look at and subsequently have to give my views on. This time I take a look at SabIngaMartin Publications’ Israeli Wild & Cruel Cats Vol.3 Achzarit Heavy APC Part 1. This book covers the early variants of the Achzarit Heavy APC. From the history that unfolded leading from the conception of the Achzarit, through prototypes and finally the two main variants culminating with detailed walk around photographs and color and marking schemes of the beast.

The first section of the book Israeli Wild & Cruel Cats Vol.3 Achzarit Heavy APC Part 1, the author takes us on a journey through the history just prior to the time of developmental conception of the Achzarit beginning after the Six Day War in 1967 where the Israeli conclusive victory set in motion actions that would push the Israeli’s to the development of new armor protection of all kind and the inevitable platform to use these developments; the push for the development of a new APC came about. Dr. Manasherob covers this history, summarized nicely in this first section of the book.

The second section of this book covers the Achzarit’s Initial Type whereas the development of a working suspension, armor, protection system and fire power a much more. In this section the development of the rear exit for protection of the crew/troops within allowing exiting the vehicle safely from the rear instead of from the top. This section shows beautifully detailed black and white photos of this early model with all the supporting text to go with it. One big treat in this section, there is a three page layout of a 2D line drawing in 1/35 depicting this Initial Type of the Achzarit.

Section Three of the book shows us an interesting glimpse at the Hybrid Type Achzarit. With this vehicle the addition of the now present riveted armor was used and two remote overhead weapons systems. There are some excellent photographs of this early type Achzarit, some color along with a one page 2D line drawing in 1/35 scale.

Section Four gives us seventeen pages of a mostly pictorial look at the Achzarit Production Type 1, Variant A. There are many operational pictures showing this variant in use with plenty of great shots of the clamshell door being used. Again this section contains 1/35 scale line drawings, there are 3 ½ pages of the Achzarit Variant A.

Section Five bring us up to the Achzarit Production Type Mark 1, Variant B. Again there are numerous operational photos, all color and all with supporting text describing what we see in the pictures and pointing out many highlighted points of interest. As suspected, there is a 3-page layout of another 2D line drawing in 1/35 scale.

Section Six gives us twenty-one detailed, full color walk around photos of the Achzarit Heavy APC. Every exterior point of interest is covered in this walk around; from the additional frontal armor, workings of the clamshell door and TOGA armor to six pages of some excellent pictures of the top of the Achzarit showing the engine deck, hatches, Rafael Overhead Weapons System and more.

Finalizing my walkthrough of this book, Section Seven shows us extremely helpful layout of the Achzarit’s camouflage and markings of the early models. This section is a comprehensive look at the tactical, company, platoon, brigade and battalion, air recognition markings as well as a description of registration numbering and various other marking and color schemes


SabIngaMartin Publications’ book, Israeli Wild & Cruel Cats Vol.3 Achzarit Heavy APC Part 1 by Dr. Robert Manasherob is a marvelous look into the history of the IDF’s Achzarit Heavy APC from the modest beginnings up to the Mark 1, Variant B. Dr. Robert Manasherob has used his expertise in the field of IDF vehicle history as well as his experience from serving in the IDF to bring the reader a comprehensive collection of valuable detailed information about this heavy APC. The walk around segment of this book is a real treat by having every angle of the exterior of the Achzarit. There are high resolution pictures throughout this book, all with supporting text pointing out many points of interest.

Israeli Wild & Cruel Cats Vol.3 Achzarit Heavy APC Part 1 is a “must have” book especially if you are a huge fan of all things IDF. The collection of photographs, the 2D line drawings and the historical information within this book are superbly brought together and are sure to give the enthusiast almost everything they will need to quench that IDF thirst for the these early Achzarit Heavy APC’s.
Highs: Historical referencing, early Achzarit line drawing and an outstanding collection of operational and walk around photos.
Lows: None at this time.
Verdict: I felt that this book filled with technical material, over 150 photographs, 1/35 scale plans make this an exceptional addition to anyone’s library.
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  Suggested Retail: $40.00 US
  PUBLISHED: Mar 07, 2014

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