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Circular saw
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by: Roman [ BIZARRE ]


Plusmodel from the Czech Republic have a quite busy release schedule and releasing new items for diorama fans every month. Known for quality and originality of subjects this set of Circular saw (misprinted as circuar saw on the package) is not an exception from Plusmodel models range.


Packed in their standard cardboard box with finished item image on the box cover the parts are secured with bubble warping and then with small sealed plastic bag that prevents them from being lost during shipping, etc. The instructions are printed on A3 paper sheet in black and white. A photo etched fret is sealed in a small separate plastic bag.

In total there are 42 resin parts, wire and 9 photo etched parts. These allow building the circular saw, tripod for log sawing, 2 axes and spare trunks/log. All resin parts have small casting blocks and therefore require sawing off and sanding a bit. As always with resin basic safety measures should be taken to prevent inhalation of resin particles – most appropriate is to saw them in water. The detail on all resin parts is very sharp; however I had some very small bobbles that could be easily eliminated with putty.


The circular saw has the frame with 4 wheels and the bar that serves as the axle for the front wheels (the one with the handle) can be positioned a bit so that you can show the wheels turning left or right. The motor is nicely done and the belt comes as PE. Here some care should be taken when assembling all PE parts as part 4 (belt cover) should be preferably soldered (has a complex curve). Also be sure not to cut off the frame as the bars are required for the fitting of basket. These look similar to the remains of casting block on the other side, but have holes. If you cut them unintentionally it would not be possible to complete the assembly. I performed some web searches for images of similar saw but found nothing so I can’t say anything about appropriate time period or painting options. Otherwise this is very nice detailed item.

The tripod of logs has multiple parts and 2 options for one of the fixing planks – round or flat piece of wood. The bark detail on wooden parts and trunks is nicely reproduced. The thicker trunks have axe marks on top and can be either placed alone or with the axe inserted on top. 2 axes are included – large and small.


All together this is a nice set that can be a central theme on your vignette or just one of the scenes on larger diorama. The circular saw, as well as the tripod and logs can be positioned in the cargo bed of a truck if you are looking for interesting ideas. The only confusion is the time period appropriate for the circular saw. Was it used during WW2 or after it? Which country? It would have been nice if they mentioned that in the instruction or package.
Highs: original items that are nicely cast.
Lows: time period for circular saw not mentioned. need for removing parts from casting blocks.
Verdict: recommended.
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: 436
  Suggested Retail: €18.3o Euro
  PUBLISHED: Mar 08, 2014

Our Thanks to Plus Model!
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Hey Roman, nice reveiw. But yes, it leaves a lot of questions for me also. I couldn't find anything with google either. But some things come to mind when looking at this saw. I see it is an electric drive motor so, a generator or maybe a battery set up from a truck. Also, the blade is set up for rip cutting, not cross cut which is represented by the cut logs to size. One image shows the flat slide boards under the top supports which would prevent a person to slide the log for a rip cut as it is. I can't see anyway to pull the blade forward for a cross cut, the part in front of the blade looks like a safty feature but I could be wrong on that. It looks nice but I don't think it is set up right. Still anyone who scratch builds should be able to rearrange this kit to function correctly.
MAR 08, 2014 - 05:42 AM

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