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M60, M60A1 & M728
The M60 / M60A1 / M60A1 (AOS) / M60A1 (RISE) MBTs and the M728 CEV in Service with the US Army
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by: Darren Baker [ CMOT ]


The M60 ranks as perhaps one of the most recognisable of the cold war, due perhaps to its heritage and also to the number of countries that fielded it. Its heritage is obvious to anyone who has seen the M26, which entered service at the end of World War Two. Tankograd Publishing has now released a book looking at the M60, M60A1 & M728 and providing a fair background on this tanks history.

Below is the introduction provided by Tankograd Publishing on this title;
The Tank, Combat, Full Tracked: 105-mm Gun, M60 and its variants were the main weapon system of tank forces of the US Armed Forces in the 1960s and 1970s. The M60 main battle tank (MBT) was primarily designed to fight Soviet MBTs in central Europe if the Cold War ever turned hot. The Combat Engineer Vehicle, Full Tracked M728 based on the M60 was also fielded by US Armed Forces. The M60 was the first tank designated as MBT from the start and fielded by the US Army. It also was the last of the so-called ‘Patton' tanks named after General George S. Patton, Jr. and the last vehicle of its kind fielded by the US Armed Forces featuring a cast hull and turret.
This publication describes in great detail the development history, active service and technology of the M60 family covering the MBT variants M60, M60A1, M60A1 (AOS), M60A1 (RISE), M60A1 (RISE Passive) and the CEV M728.


Quantity Photos and Illustrations:
Illustrated with 47 colour photographs and 82 black and white photographs
Text - Language:
German and English Text
Number of Pages:


As with most titles from Tankograd Publishing in this series the book is duel language, with the text being in German and English, this also applies to the picture descriptions. The paper used is a good quality glossy paper with a sturdy card cover also with a glossy finish.

The book begins with 13 pages of text, which is quite high for one of these titles. The text provides a fair background on the progression that brought the M60 to fruition. Its history is covered from the M26 through the various stages to its birth. The text also covers the major areas of the vehicle and finishes by looking at the variants and the M728. The English text is well written and no obvious issues jumped out at me. The progression of the text is also well thought out and avoids the need to jump back and forth through the text.

The pictures in the book are for the most part clear and easy to discern details from, I do wish the number of colour photographs were higher but then again black and white pictures tend to have better clarity. Of particular note are the specific areas some of the pictures represent, with a very good if short walk around selection of items such as the M60 MBT with track width mine plough, this shows a good amount of detail despite only consisting of 5 pictures and anyone scratching one of these will find the reference most helpful. Another area of the book that I feel will be popular is the M728 in detail which consists of a series of 21 pictures and again is a must have for the modeller who likes to get the details right.


Another good title from the Tankograd Publishing stable of what I believe is a popular subject. I would have liked there to have been more photographs in colour, but the photographs that are there are good for the most part. The text is in a hefty chunk at the start of the book is well laid out and has quite a lot of good data for you to peruse. If you are not overly interested in the history then the fairly thorough text that accompanies each picture should provide the data you need. All in all well worth the price.
Highs: A couple of good walkarounds with a decent history make this title for me.
Lows: I would have liked more colour photographs to have been included.
Verdict: A well balanced and affordable new title.
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  PUBLISHED: Mar 17, 2014
  NATIONALITY: United States

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