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Weathering Magazine
The Weathering Magazine: Kursk and Vegetation
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by: Rick Cooper [ CLOVIS899 ]


If there is a more polarizing or mercurial figure than Mig Jimenez I surely don’t know who it is; where have you gone Francois! Despite some of the issues surrounding Mig you can’t deny he puts out nothing but first rate material. With the recent troubles that have beset AK Interactive it remained to be seen if “The Weathering Magazine” would meet its demise or survive. With a somewhat brief respite in their publication schedule the Weathering Mag has re-emerged now under the guiding hand of the new company, Ammo of Mig Jimenez. What all that means is that issue #5, “Kursk and Vegetation” is now available.


88 glossy A4 sized pages of superb photography, great models, good captions, and some interesting eye candy! The title of the mag spells out clearly the focus, nothing inside falls outside those parameters.

Mig contributes the building and weathering of a Ferdinand; Rick Lawler goes to bat with a 1/48 T-34,and Spud Murphy pops his head up with an Ml-20 152mm Soviet howitzer. Each of these are superb pieces with enough step by step stuff to keep most modelers very happy (be aware, Spud focuses entirely on the groundwork and the trees).
Of course, you get more than just those three, in fact lots more. If you look at the index it says 7 articles are included but a quick count reveals 14, so just be aware there are a few quirks like that throughout. You do get an article on a Ju-87 G-1 Stuka! I know; heresy! But it is a magnificent piece of work from the team of Javier de Anca and Ricardo Medina that you should find interesting.

I won’t try to give a thumbnail idea of every single article but instead assuage your fears, yes, Tigers, more T-34 goodness, an ISU-152, even small scale gaming pieces from Flames of War. The vegetation is covered with articles on groundwork, trees, moss, desolation, and abandonment (wow, that sounds bleak!) And of course it wouldn’t be The Weathering Magazine without a young lady or two that missed a few buttons on her blouse!


Good to see that the magazine wasn’t one for the dust bin of history. Mig has done a really nice job of putting together a very talented pool of modelers who can explain a number of useful techniques that can help anyone who is interested in doing a bit more than just finishing a factory fresh model and sticking it on the shelf. Finish, weathering, groundwork, and beautiful women, all in one package; what’s not to like!
Highs: Great production value, superb photography and of course, top notch modeling talent taking you along for the journey. If you know how to make a base and want to step up your game to include vegetation grab a copy!
Lows: Some of the translation work is spotty. The girls may be a bit over the top for some.
Verdict: Another solid effort, combined with the earlier releases makes a pretty solid line-up for model finishing and display.
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  PUBLISHED: Mar 17, 2014

Our Thanks to Ammo of Mig Jimenez!
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rhis was the last magazine created with AK products, the new AMMO Magazine is not ready yet.
MAR 31, 2014 - 01:03 PM

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